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Speak Academy

There are over one million people that want to learn a new language, but are unable to do so due to various reasons. Not many people have the time, money or energy to attend overpriced language courses that offer little to no flexibility in their schedule. That is why we created Speak Academy – the online learning platform dedicated to providing everyone with the opportunity to realize their dream of learning a new language at their own pace and leisure.

We are in our development phase, continuously trying to come up with new and exciting ways of learning a new language, as well as perfecting the traditional ways of teaching. We specialize in a variety of languages, with highly educated professionals dedicated to each one of them. Since we’re still a young platform, we are currently striving to create the best learning experience for anyone wanting to learn the most widely spoken languages, that is – those languages that are most often required in job applications, but our hope is that, with time, we will be able to provide detailed lesson plans for an array of languages that are, perhaps, not spoken as much, but are equally poetic.

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