Learning Spanish with games

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Learning Spanish with games

Learning Spanish using games is a much interesting way of learning. Do you think that is impossible to do it? If you said YES then we will tell you that you are wrong.  At the Speak Academy, you will enjoy while you are taking our Spanish course. You will increase your knowledge of Spanish and you will also improve your speaking skills.


Educational games


There are a lot of ESL games for kids and teenagers and of course, for adults, too. The Speak Academy prepared many interesting activities for teaching and practicing the Spanish grammar, vocabulary, sentences, listening and pronunciation skills. At some point of your learning, you will need a break. Instead of laying down on the bed and doing nothing you can relax yourself while you are playing games that can help you to learn. It is amazing what difference games can make in your learning.


At the Speak Academy, we have Memory card games, Vocabulary games, Puzzle games, quizzes, tests, concentration games and so on.  These games are going to motivate you to study Spanish.



Object games


You can play this game wherever you want. Test your memory and your vocabulary. How do we play it? It’s simple. Pick 20 objects that you see in the room or in your bag and try to name them. It will be also good to try to write all the objects that you see. It is similar with Hidden object game but you will not need your computer for this.


Puzzle games


Puzzles are interesting word games that can help you with your vocabulary. Example Word searches games can be good for your vocabulary and spelling. You will have a square of letters in which words are hidden and you will have a list of the words on your left side that you need to  find. They can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Maybe you are not be familiar with some of the words but you can write them down and review them later. When you find their meaning, you can try to use them in a sentence. E.g. you have the word “Elaborate” which means detailed so we can try to make a sentence. We came up with an elaborate plan to escape from the office.  You can see how puzzle can help you with your learning.


Memory card games

The memory card game is a game that can improve your concentration and it will refresh your memory. You can learn phrases and vocabulary while you are playing it. We will explain you the rules. It is very simple and you will learn it easily. You will have 4 different cards. On each of them, you will see a person that will introduce itself. E.g. Hello! My name is Lucia. Nice to meet you!

This is an informal way of speaking. When you click on the card you can reverse it and, in the background, Lucia will say something about her occupation e.g. I am a Spanish teacher. Here you can learn a lot of phrases that we are using in our daily conversation and it also will increase your vocabulary. You will learn how to use formal and informal speaking (formal-Good morning Miss! How are you today? Informal speaking-Hi! What’s up?). And also, you will learn how to introduce yourself. Try to talk about your occupation.


Quizzes and tests


If you are a competitive kind of person and you like to test your knowledge, then, this is a perfect game for you. You can do it with your friend and check your acquired knowledge of Spanish. The Speak Academy will give you a lot of interesting lessons and after you finish them you can take our quiz and find out how much exactly did you understand.

You will also have a lot of tests while you are taking our online Spanish course at the Speak Academy.

Test your grammar. You will have 10 questions for e.g. for elementary level of students and you will find out how good you are at the basic Spanish grammar.

  1. Ignazio ______________ tired. A) be   B) have    C) is
  2. ____________________ is she? She is my friend from Madrid. A) What   B) Why   C) Who


Also, at the Speak Academy, we have a level placement test. How well do you know Spanish? If you are not certain what level you are this test will help you to find out. It is a quick interactive test that contains grammar and vocabulary questions. After you finish your test you will find out what is your level of knowledge and you can start with the Spanish course that is suitable to you.


Lie or Truth game


This is a very interesting game and you can play it with your friend. One of you will say three facts about his or herself.

For example

“I am from Spain.”


“I am a programmer”.


“I am married”.

One of these facts should be untrue. The students should guess which one is not true. If things are not that clear which one is untrue you should try to say something more obvious. For example, you can say My hair is short which is obviously not true because you have long hair. I have straight hair and your hair is curly.

Talk more about yourself and learn about useful phrases that you will need to start a conversation. This game can help you a lot.


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