Online typing test in Spanish

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Online typing test in Spanish

Let’s talk about Online typing test in Spanish. Typing test can help you to improve your writing skills. As a result, you can double your typing speed (this skill will be very useful in your job) and eventually type as fluently as you speak.


With our advice, you will learn the core touch typing skills. After that, you will be able to use your typing in your everyday work. We will give you additional material that covers speed building, numbers, symbols and more. Practice your Spanish with our online typing test at the Speak Academy.


Warm up your fingers

Typing test will help you to expand your vocabulary and also you will improve your Spanish writing. You will have the text that is shown on your screen. You need to type as quickly and accurately as you can until times up. The text that you have typed will be shown in the down part of the screen. You will see did you make any typing errors. Use the backspace to correct your errors. Try not to press enter after each line, do that only when the paragraph ends.


Typing speed matters


Typing speed is very important. Whether you are applying for a job as an office assistant or a paralegal, being able to type quickly is maybe the only difference between you and another applicant that is equally qualified as you are.  If you didn’t have typing in your school, here at the Speak Academy we will show you how can you improve your typing in Spanish language.


Technique is important


To learn how o type fast you will need to focus on the proper hand position. Touch typing is 70% technique, 20% accuracy and 10% typing speed. While you are practicing your typing, you will learn many new words. Some of them will not be familiar to you and our advice is to use online dictionary to help you. Translate the word and try to define it. You can put it in a sentence, too. Using typing technique will open you a lot of opportunities in the business world when it comes to increasing your speed.


Learn from your mistakes


When you are just starting up with learning you will make a lot of errors. Don’t allow that discourage you.  It is important how do you see those mistakes? Do you see them as a failure or you are seeing as opportunity to succeed? If you look them as improvement you will have much more chances to improve your typing quickly. People who see just negative things and think as a failure, will slow down and it lost its will for learning.


Feel free to do the repetition


If you repeat some text over and over again you will improve your speed and you will be able to memorize all the words. In this case, repeating is not bad at all. You will not think anymore where is a letter “v” you will train your brain muscles and the you will be able to ingrain them in your memory. It is the same as driving a car. When you are a beginner you are thinking too much when do you need to change your speed, do I press gas first or the clutch? When you do the same thing every day, on the end it will start to be your routine. You will not have problem with the overthinking any more and you will be able to do other things too while you are driving (playing some music e.g. changing the radio stations etc.).


Avoid looking at keyboard


You should avoid looking at keyboard. It will be hard in the beginning but it will be much easier when you learn all about hand positions. At the Speak Academy we will learn you everything that you need to know about hand positions and technique that can improve your typing speed. Try to type as much words as you can in 1 minute. When word is difficult for you to read it, ofc you will not be able to type it. Define all the words. Use them in a sentence. Also, the good exercise is to pretend like you are sending important email. Use the words that you learned at our Spanish course and try to turn your screen. Type as many words as you can and don’t look at your keyboard.


Learn Spanish through games


Some people will say that the Spanish language is a language of love. We can’t agree more. There are so many ways to improve your speaking and writing skills. Learning with us will be a real adventure. You will enjoy in every single minute of teaching. When you star feeling tired, take a break with our learning games. Learning games will expand your Spanish vocabulary and it will help you to overcome some basic grammar rules. Handwriting is important, too. If you need Spanish for your job you will need to learn how to write words correctly. The typing game will help you a lot here.  The Speak Academy has different methods of teaching.

You will improve your speaking and typing in less than 3 months. Our learning material is focused on words that native speakers are using in daily conversation. Are video lessons are very vivid and interactive and you should listen to our teacher and follow our advices. Be a part of our big organization and start your learning today. Your goals are important to us! You should write us a reason why do you want to improve your Spanish? Set your goals first, find a motivation and do our level placement test. It will help you to determine your level of knowledge and you will be able to start the Spanish course that is suitable for you. We waiting for you! Join us today! If your dream is to write as you speak you can improve your typing skills with our typing speed test.  Good luck!



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