Online typing test in Serbian

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Online typing test in Serbian

Online typing test in Serbian is great practice for you. There are plenty of different ways to improve your Serbian and one of them is the online typing test at the Speak Academy. Not only that you will improve your writing, but you will also learn many words and phrases. You can double your typing speed and this skill will be very useful for your job.

Follow our tips and you will be able to learn everything about touch typing.


What is touch typing?


Touch typing is a method of typing without using your sight. You will type like you are a blind person. Use your feelings instead of your eyes. Avoid looking at the keyboard and keep your eyes on the screen. In the beginning, this will be very difficult for you to do it without mistakes. Also, you need to forget about speed for a while, until you don’t learn the correct hand position. It will be a go exercise for you to find yourself a learning partner so you can do this in a pair. One can read the words and the other will type it. At the Speak Academy, you will have a typing speed test that will learn you new words. When you see the word that is not familiar to you, don’t type it. Translate the word first using the online dictionary and use it in a sentence. There is no point if you type the words which you don’t understand.


Mistakes are good to make


Sometimes mistakes can be good. When you are just starting up with learning you will make a lot of errors. Don’t allow that discourage you.  It is important how do you see those mistakes? Do you see them as a failure or you are seeing as an opportunity to increase your knowledge? If you look at them as improvement you will have much more chances to improve your typing quickly. You should see things more positively!  Say to yourself: Every time when I make a mistake I will correct it so next time when I type I will know how to do it correctly.


Repeat it over and over again


Who says that repeating is wrong? If you repeat some text over and over again you will improve your speed and you will be able to memorize all the words You will not think anymore where is a letter “r” you will train your brain muscles and you will be able to ingrain them in your memory. It is the same as riding a bike. When you are a beginner, you are focused too much on how to have balance and not to fall down, and not on your riding. When you do the same thing every day, at the end you will do things mechanically without thinking. Then, you will learn many bike tricks such as jumps, flips and you will have the feeling like the bike become a part of you. It is the same with words and typing. Learn the words, define them, understand them and then learn the tricks. How can you improve your typing speed?


Typing speed


Learn to type as you speak. At the Speak Academy, we have prepared for you a typing speed test. For example, we can give you 60 words to type in only 1 minute.  On the right side, you will have a timer that will count your time and a countdown for your words. There is also the repeat button so, you can do it as many times as you like.

Click on image below to start test.


E.g. How are you, food, order, thirsty, attention, hungry, welcome, Academy, public transportation, use, left, right, straight, corner.

Type as many words as you can in one minute. After you finish it, you will get your results with the number of words that you typed per a minute.  Our focus is to teach you the words that are necessary for everyday conversation. You will learn words and phrases that can help you to ask for direction, to introduce yourself, to order a food in a restaurant, to say are you are hungry or not. Try to close your eyes while you are typing these words and let your feelings lead you.  You will make a lot of errors but the more you practice the better you will be.


Technology has changed


Not so long ago, the only way to practice your typing was with the typewriter. A typewriter is a machine that was used in the past. It has keys that are pressed in order to print letters.  Someone will read the text for you and you will try to type it as fast as you can.  You have around 15 minutes to write the whole text. When you are finished, the teacher would check how many mistakes you have made.  Using the typewriter is a real art. It is difficult to press the keys and it is so different from using the keyboard on your computer.

Thankfully, we are finished with that period of time, and now you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to practice your typing speed. You can do it online and you can do it with us here at the Speak Academy. We will help you to improve your typing speed with our typing speed tests. Do you like to text with your friends? That is also one way how you can improve your typing speed. You can challenge your friends and try to type as many words as you can in one minute and send the message to each other.


Join us


Start your learning with us here at the Speak Academy. Increase your knowledge, finish your course and get your certificate. You will have fluency in less than three months if you practice every day and if you follow our learning steps. Be a part of this big organization and feel proud. You will learn so many useful things with us. All our teachers are natives and you will learn from the professionals. Don’t think too much and join us here at the Speak Academy! Let your journey begin!




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