Online typing test in Italian


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Online typing test in Italian

With the Online typing test in Italian, you can measure your typing skills, increase your speed and you can expand your vocabulary. Improve your writing skills and learn how to type the words in Italian at the Speak Academy. Click on image below to start the test.

Why is typing speed important?


Whether you are applying for a job as an office assistant or a paralegal, being able to type quickly and correctly is maybe the only difference between you and another applicant that is equally qualified as you are.  At the Speak Academy, we will do our best to improve your typing in Italian in the shortest possible time.


Benefits of good posture


When you are learning how to improve your typing speed it is also important to have a good posture. Probably you heard many times at your home, school to stand up straight! Comments like that might be annoying but they are not wrong. Your posture, the way you hold your body while you are sitting or standing it is a foundation of every move that your body makes. We are already spending too much time sitting at work or home in front of the computer. If you don’t hold your back straight it can affect your learning. You will feel fatigue and you will easily lose your focus and concentration. Good posture is very important! Stand up straight and be open for learning.


The right-hand positions


To increase your typing speed, you should learn the right-hand positions. First, we need to learn the order of the letters on our keyboard. The left fingers should cover the letters ASDF. The pinky is on the A, the ring finger is on the S, the middle finger is on the D and the index finger is on the F keystroke. Your thumbs are on the spacebar. Now, let’s learn about your right fingers positions JKL; the pinky is on the semicolon (;), the ring finger on the L, the middle finger on the K and an index finger on the J and the right thumb is also on the spacebar. You will use your left index finger for the letter G and your right index finger for the H. When you put all the fingers on the right place you should practice typing those letters. This will increase your typing speeding. Now when you are ready we can try to type some basic Italian words such as:


Per favore. Please.


Grazie. Thank you.


Prego. You’re welcome.


Mi scusi. Excuse me.


Mi dispiace. I am sorry.


Buon giorno. Good morning.


Buona sera. Good evening.


Those are phrases that Italian people are using in everyday communication. This is a good exercise for you to learn words and phrases and to increase your typing speed.


Learn how to type without looking at the keyboard.


This method of typing we call the Touch typing. You don’t need to look all the time at your keyboard while you are typing. You should learn how to follow your feelings. Try to type the letters while you are keeping your eyes on the screen. In the beginning, you will make a thousand mistakes and that is just fine. Until you handle this method of typing you will have a lot of difficulties.  In the end, you will be able to type the letters mechanically without overthinking. Practice your typing with our typing test at the Speak Academy. We will learn you all the techniques that you need to know.


How does it look like?


Have you ever tried to test yourself? How many words you can type in one minute? Probably not a lot, especially when you are typing words that are not in your mother tongue. You will need a lot of practice to do that. You can try it with our online typing test at the Speak Academy. E.g. We will give you 50 words in Italian to type in one minute. Some of those words will not be familiar to you so it I better to open a new tab and to find the online dictionary.

Define that word and put it in a sentence. Until you don’t understand it well, don’t type words that you are not familiar with. Define the words and try it again. Typing test will not only help to improve your typing it will also increase your knowledge in Italian. You will learn many phrases and words that Italian people are using daily.


Everything is about practice


You should practice your typing every day, every time when you learn a new word try to type it while you are keeping your eyes on the screen. It will be difficult in the beginning, and you will not be able to type it fast. Take your time and give yourself the opportunity to improve. Practice every day, if you type the same words every day, eventually they will become a part of you and you will increase your speed. You will not think about proper hand position; do I write it correctly? That word will be already familiar to you and you will be able to write it quickly and correctly. Don’t think too much! It is a matter of concentration.


Stand up straight, define the words and practice every day. You should take this as an easy task. Nobody is checking you. You will not feel any pressure or stress. It is a game. Everybody likes games. Yes, this is a learning game but it is also entertainment. Relax, take a deep breath and start! You are doing things on your own. Make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Just be persistent and practice! As more you practice as better you will be. There are a lot of videos that you can watch to learn touch typing. The Speak Academy will provide you with all material you just need to sit at your comfortable chair and to open your mind for learning. We are here to help you, to teach you and to improve your speaking and writing skills! Type as you speak!


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