Online typing test in English

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Online typing test in English

Online Typing Test in English will improve your typing skills? The Speak Academy can help you with this. Here at the Speak Academy, we have many fast fingers games where you can improve your writing and typing speed. The words that we are using in the tests are usually the most common words that we are using in our daily conversation. You are going to learn new words, practice your writing and improve your typing speed.


Online Typing Test in English



Typing test


What is a typing test? It is a quick and easy way to improve your typing skills and also it can help you improve your writing and to learn many new words. We will give you an example how it works online and how do we do that at the Speak Academy.


How it works


Did you ever test yourself – how many words you can type in one minute? You didn’t. So, let’s try it!

For an example, we can give you 50 words to type in only 1 minute.  On the right side, you will have a timer that will count your time and a countdown for your words. There is also the repeat button so, you can do it as many times as you like.

It is a fun and interesting way to learn words, and, to improve your writing and your typing speed.

Give, back, under, sometimes usually, attention, America, welcome, Academy, car, use, excellent

Type as many words as you can in one minute. After you finish it you will get your results with the number of words that you typed per a minute.  If you like to compete you can do it with your friend and try to beat his/her score.




Every key that you type is a keystroke. The game is also calculating a Capital letter as 2 keystrokes (because to type a capital letter you need to hit two keystrokes shift and the letter or to turn on the Caps Lock button and to hit the letter). E.g. under needs 5 keystroke and Academy needs 8 (because of the capital letter).


Typing speed

Click on image to test your typing speed

Online Typing Test in English

Typing speed depends of the difficulty of the words that you need to type. The statistic shows that people usually can type 41 words per a minute. We don’t know if this information is completely true, it is based on 73 million results. And how many words can you type?


Why do we need typing speed?


If you are a secretary or judicial officer or you are having some other job that will demand your fast typing the best way to practice it is with typing tests. When you learn it, that will make your typing much easier and you will speed up your working progress.



Online Typing Test in English

First, we need to learn the order of the letters on our keyboard. The left fingers should cover the letters ASDF. The pinky is on the A, the ring finger is on the S, the middle finger is on the D and the index finger is on the F keystroke. Your thumbs are on the spacebar. Now, let’s learn about your right fingers positions JKL; the pinky is on the semicolon (;), the ring finger on the L, the middle finger on the K and an index finger on the J and the right thumb is also on the spacebar. You will use your left index finger for the letter G and your right index finger for the H. When you put all the fingers on the right place you should practice typing those letters.


Touch typing


Touch typing is a method of typing when we don’t use our sight to type we just follow our feelings. You don’t need to look at your keyboard all the time you should type the letters keeping your eyes on the screen. It is not that hard as it sounds. You just need to practice. When you learn all about fingers position on your keyboard you can start practicing your touch typing. At the beginning is going to be very slow and you will make a lot of mistakes but on the end, you will be able to do it mechanically.

It is the same as you are learning how to drive a car. At the beginning you will focus on every single move, how to change the speed on your manual transmission and on the end, you will just stop thinking and do it mechanically. Everything is about practicing. That’s why typing tests are used to increase your typing speed and to learn about touch typing.


Videos and lessons can help you


There are a lot of useful videos that you can watch and it can help you to improve your typing speed. Watch them carefully! You can also practice your fast typing with our texts at the Speak Academy. Listen our lessons and practice your typing. Improve your writing skills. It is a very useful exercise and is going to be very interesting to you, too. After you finish with your practicing you can do our online speed typing test and you will receive your results. You will learn new words and also you will have a lot of fun and interesting situations when you realize what did you type. But don’t let this to discourage you. It is going to be easier, we promise. That means that you just need more time to practice.


Traditional way vs Online learning


Not so long ago we’ve been practicing our typing using a typewriter. Someone will read the text for you and you will try to type it as fast as you can. Thankfully, those days are over and now you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to practice your typing speed. You can do it online and you can do it with us here at the Speak Academy.

We will help you to improve your typing speed with our typing speed tests. Do you like to chat with your friends online? That is also one way how you can improve our typing speed. You can challenge your friend and try to type as many words as you can and afterward you can share your score. Good luck!

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