Online Russian speaking course

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Online Russian speaking course

Let’s talk about Online Russian speaking course. There are many reasons why should you learn Russian. One of them is that you will need it soon. Whether you have the Russian language for your job or for the upcoming trip to Russia you will need to learn to speak fluently. Our online speaking course at the Speak Academy can help you to improve your speaking in less than 3 months.


Learning alphabet

The Russian alphabet is different from the English alphabet because it is written in Cyrillic. Some letters have similarity with the English alphabet but some of them are very different. Take your time to learn the Cyrillic. Learn how to sound out all the letters correctly. E.g. The letter ж in the Russian alphabet is pronouncing as same as the letter “s” in the world usually as zh.


Words are not that difficult


As soon as you learn how to pronounce all the letters you should start learning some words. There are a lot of similar words between Russian and English language e.g.

маркетинг — marketing


компания — company


Интернет — internet


компьютер — computer


лаптоп — laptop


Those words are already familiar to you, so it is not going to be a problem to memorize them.


Learn the grammar rules


This will be a difficult step for you. As a beginner, you don’t need to follow all the rules at once. Take it easy. Learn the words and phrases first and then focus on grammar. Sometimes grammar can slow you down in your speaking because you will be too much focused on the rules and not on your speaking. Grammar is very important without grammar you can’t form a complete sentence. The Russian grammar is difficult for learning but here at the Speak Academy while you are taking our course, we will show you a few tricks on how to learn it fast. At the beginning, it will be like climbing on the mountain without any experience and equipment. As soon as you handle first rules it will be like climbing on the hill.

Everything is easy when you have someone to guide you. Follow our teachers and buy your ticket for success. All our teachers are native speakers and they are professionals with a long experience of teaching. Repeat after them and take the notes. When you start to learn grammatical cases, our advice is to start with nominative because it is the most commonly used and it will help you to learn the others.




When you handle some grammar rules and words you will need to handle the pronunciation. There are a lot of exercises at the Speak Academy that can help you to learn how to pronounce the words correctly on the way that natives can understand you. Imagine that you have a full room of people at some meeting and that nobody can understand you because of your bad pronunciation. Why do you learn Russian if no one is understanding you? Practice your pronunciation with our teacher and repeat as many times as you need until the words don’t become a part of you.


Speaking part


Now when you know some words and phrases and basic grammar rules, you should practice your speaking. Try to introduce yourself with the words that you have learned at our online Russian speaking course. Talk about hobbies, books that you like to read, movies that you like to watch, about your job, promotion. Expand your vocabulary while you are playing our learning games for adult learners. We all know that the best way to practice your speaking skills is to talk with a live person. Sometimes that is not possible because you don’t leave in a country where you can meet Russian people and you will be alone in this. You can accomplish this task by yourself. Write a dialogue between two persons. And read that dialogue. You can always record yourself and you will be able to see the mistakes that you have made. Listen carefully! When you learn how to recognize mistakes in your sentence you will know that you are on the right path to become a master in the Russian language.


Reading can help you

To increase your vocabulary the best way is to read books, newspapers or some articles that you like. Reading this blog is also a good start. You can expand your vocabulary and you will learn how to form a sentence. You can search on the Internet the synonyms od the words and try to make a sentence with them.


Proficiency Test


If you already have some knowledge of the Russian language but you are not sure what that level is, at the Speak Academy we have a level placement test that can help you to determine your knowledge. When you find out what that level is, you can start with the course that is suitable for you. Also, while taking our Russian speaking course, you will have many grammar tests that will help you to understand grammar better. When you finish the course, you will have the final test and if you pass, you will get the certificate that is widely accepted around the world. You will need the certificate as proof that you have finished your course successfully.

Usually, the employers will demand the level of knowledge to be around B (Threshold or Intermediate). So, start your learning today! Don’t waste your time using some outdated school books and improve your Russian with our Russian speaking course at the Speak Academy. It is not going to be easy but it will not be difficult as soon as you handle all the rules. We will provide you with all the material that you need and you just need to have a strong will to learn it. We can’t do that instead of you. Some things you will need to do on your own. Join us! You are more than welcome here at the Speak Academy. We will be glad to have you as a part of our team!


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