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Online Language School

Speak Academy offers you highly professional language instruction via the Internet.

Learn English, German, Spanish, French or Italian online with video lessons with a native speaker translation.
Are you looking for maximum flexibility and would like to learn languages online at home or on the move?
This greater flexibility means you never miss anything or feel you need more help.

You can adjust your learning plan as you learn, so if something changes in your daily life, your practice times can do so.

In the Speak-Academy online course you will work with an online self-study program.
You will practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, text and listening comprehension and develop your language skills in a targeted manner.

The interactive e-learnings of the Speak Academy are available 24 hours a day.
The interactive, up-to-date course material can also include documents from your workplace.
You can access it anytime, anywhere, from any device and learn at your own pace.

Language course with a wide range of topics from everyday business life as well as business teaching materials selected for your needs.
For successful communication in typical business situations. Recommended from beginner level.
Online conversation course – Improve your oral expression, expand your vocabulary and receive important feedback on grammar and pronunciation.

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