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Learn languages online. Learn how you like it.

Learning languages online with the right learning systems

Our demanding customers receive exclusive services that have proven to be scientifically promising. With the right system, learning is not only pleasant and efficient, it can also be a lot of fun.

The Speak-Academy online method is one of the most effective ways to learn a new foreign language successfully and with fun. Whether young or old, for leisure or for work – language students all over the world are enthusiastic.

Learn online with Speak Academy: languages, digital skills and much more!

You would like to learn a new language? Or expand your digital skills? But you want to decide for yourself when, where and for how long you want to learn. Then the Speak Academy has the right offer for you.

Are you a beginner and still not speaking a word of the foreign language, or already advanced and just want to learn to speak more fluently? No matter, there’s something for everyone!

Every beginning is difficult: structure and practice

Online language courses

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Languages are becoming increasingly important in the age of globalization. Language courses have enjoyed an enormously high demand for years. The latest trend in language learning is online language courses.

Advantages of online language courses

There are many advantages to this type of language

Interactive online learning 24/7 with individual learning content

Detailed reports documenting your learning progress

You are also completely free in your choice of learning location. It is necessary that you have a PC or laptop with Internet access, everything else is up to you.

The course content is tailored to your performance level. You learn based on your previous knowledge, you learn at your own pace and you repeat individual lessons or partial lessons as often as you wish.

Independent learning requires discipline above all. If you want to finish the course in half a year, you need a schedule. And even if you have the schedule, what few people think of, you have to follow it ironically. How about you, do you prefer to learn for yourself or are you in constant contact with others? You have to ask yourself that.The big advantage of self-study is the free allocation of time. As a lone fighter, you don’t have control over your daily life together. It can then happen that exotic debates are formed, such as Swabian, i.e. the incorporation of Swabian into English. The politicians have shown us how. They must have crammed with iron. Unfortunately, no one understands them afterwards.

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Knowledge of foreign languages is always good on CVs. In today’s globalization, in which somehow every company seems to be active worldwide, communication in foreign languages is hard to avoid. Just saying that you are currently learning a new language shows your employer that you are open-minded and willing t

o acquire new knowledge on your own. Maybe you even have the opportunity to work abroad?


Learning a new language means much more than just knowing how to say this or that in a foreign language. You get to know the culture and history of the country, you get to know something about the people. If you travel to this country, you will come into contact with the inhabitants much faster. Many people like it very much when you try to communicate with them in their national language.

Order your food in Spanish, negotiate with the seller in Greek. Even if the receiver gets bumpy, he will understand you and be happy about it, because that way you will show him respect. Try it and you’ll make new friends.


When learning a foreign language, one is not only concerned with memorizing vocabulary and praying down grammar, but also with the culture in which the respective language is spoken. This gives you an insight into other people’s daily lives, their traditions and way of thinking. This is very helpful if you want to find your way around abroad, but also helps in business negotiations, because you understand your counterpart better. A new language can broaden your horizons enormously.

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