Online Italian speaking course

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Online Italian speaking course

Online Italian speaking course is great for you! You have a strong will to learn Italian but sometimes you can’t commit to being physically present in a classroom, and that is perfectly understandable. That doesn’t mean that you need to put that idea out of your life you can always try to learn your Italian online. You can take our Italian speaking course at the Speak Academy. The speaking Italian course will help you to learn how to start a conversation. It will improve your fluency and learn you how to pronounce the words correctly on the way that natives can understand you.


How to communicate?

Why do we learn languages if not to use it in a conversation? To learn how to start a conversation in Italian you should learn words and phrases. Also, it is very important to know how to sound out the words correctly. There are many exercises at the Speak Academy that can help you to expand your vocabulary. Our goal is to learn you words and phrases that native speakers are using in everyday communication. You will be able to start a basic conversation in less than three months.


Listen to audiobooks


Audiobooks is less common way of learning but it can help you to learn many words and the natural flow of the sentence. At the Speak Academy, you will have many audio lessons that can help you to increase your knowledge of Italian and pronunciation exercises, that will show you how to sound out all the Italian letters correctly like a real Italian.


Don’t sit on your doubts


Being curious is not a bad thing. It is better to ask what you don’t understand then to pretend that everything is clear and understandable. Find answers through blogs or websites or use forums to ask a question. There are a lot of people struggling with the same words as you are. Also, our team of professionals will be thrilled to help you with everything. You can send us an email and we will be back to you as soon as we get to the office.


Start with the material that you need


When you finish your basic Italian speaking course you should focus on a topic that you need. If you need Italian for your promotion then find the material that is suitable for your job. Don’t waste your time with the material that you don’t need. If you are a beginner, then, you need to start from the beginning. Take our online Italian speaking course at the Speak Academy and improve your speaking skill in the shortest possible time.


Don’t give up

When you started to feel like you are not making any progress don’t say this is not for me or I can’t do this. Don’t be that negative. Instead of that, you should say “I am learning Italian every day and I made a lot of improvements”. Of course, you will always have your upside downs, learning is not always easy but it is worth of it.

The first time when you can form a sentence on your own you will be proud of yourself and that moment is priceless. You can say that you are much better now than the day you started to learn Italian. You didn’t know any word and now you learned more than 50. We think that is a big improvement. Remind yourself that every day. You should be proud because you already made a big step in your life. Learning Italian can open you a lot of doors in a business world.


Your friends can help you


If you have friends that always publish some statuses in Italian do not gloss over them and try to read all the words and to define them at least 3-4 per a day. Don’t limit yourself. You can explore every day. Find the articles that you like and expand your vocabulary.


You can practice your speaking through games


If you take our Italian speaking course you will not be regretted. Learning with us is a real adventure. You can make your own learning schedules, it is very flexible and you can improve your speaking with our learning games. Games are not just for kids and teenagers there are a lot of learning games for adults, too. You will have fun and you will expand your vocabulary. There are a lot of games that can sound out the words. Our online learning platform for language purposes is unique and you will enjoy every day.


There are many different ways to improve your speaking, you can talk to a live person, you can take an online speaking course or travel abroad. Follow our material and our advice and you will see your first results in less than two weeks. Explore the Internet and learn new words every day. Give yourself a task: Today I will learn 5 new words and phrases. Try to make as many sentences as you can with those words that you’ve learned.


You will be surprised how exactly you know


You will be very proud of yourself because you will learn many things on your own. The Speak Academy will give you tasks every day. Don’t be lazy and try to finish all tasks on time. If you practice your Italian every day you will be able to handle it very fast.

Our advice is for the beginning,  to put the grammar besides. Learn how to sound out all the letters and learn words and phrases. Phrases will help you to make some basic sentences. To make a sentence that is more complexed you will need grammar. We have prepared for you many grammar exercises and tests that will learn you the basic grammar rules. If you already have some knowledge of the Italian language we will give you a level placement test that can determine your level of knowledge.

Then you can start with the online Italian speaking course that is suitable for you. We will be glad to have you! Join us today and start your Italian speaking course!



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