Online games to learn Spanish

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Online games to learn Spanish

Online games to learn Spanish can help you to learn language in fun way! As you all know the Spanish language is one of the most dispersed languages. Around 44 countries have at least 3 million Spanish speakers and it has the second largest number of native speakers (over 470 million native speakers and 90 million who is speaking Spanish as a second language). If your choice is to learn the Spanish language you are on the right path. It can open you a lot of doors in a business world.

The technology has increased, and now you can learn the Spanish language online. It will save your time, you can make your own learning environment and you can learn it by yourself. There are a lot of self-study courses and one of them is on our site at the


Self-study course at the Speak Academy


Why is a self-study program important? Because you will learn things on your own and you can make your own schedule. You will increase your knowledge of the Spanish language using the material that we will give you and usually it is based on subtitled videos, tests, exercises, texts, quizzes, and games.

There are a lot of different personalities in this world. Some people are ambitious and some people are too shy to talk and always feel embarrassed. For less ambitious students are better to take a self-study course at the Speak Academy, and that can help them to boost their confidence. They will feel very proud of themselves because they managed to accomplish the task.  You will not have a crowded classroom like in a private school for language purposes, you will sit in your lovely room, feeling relaxed and you can forget about embarrassed situations.


You need to feel comfortable

Online games to learn Spanish

We all know that we are learning better when we don’t have any stressful situation or pressure that we are having while we are sitting in some classroom with other students that surround you. Maybe some of them will be on a much upper level than you are and you can feel uncomfortable when teacher upon you and you don’t know the answer. The online learning is giving you the opportunity to choose your own learning environment and make yourself comfortable.


Choose the topic that you like


Don’t waste your time learning the topics that you don’t need. If you want to increase your knowledge of the Spanish language for the business purposes, then choose a business topic. But If you are a beginner, you should start from the beginning and learn the basics first. Start with the vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation, and grammar. When you pass our basic course, you can focus on the topic that you have interest in.


Learn how to pronounce words



The Spanish language is not difficult to learn at all. The most difficult thing about Spanish is pronunciation. You need to learn how to pronounce the words correctly in the way that native speakers can understand it. Imagine that you have a live conference and room full of Spanish native speakers and nobody can understand you. That will be a huge problem.  When you start taking our Spanish course online at the Speak Academy, you will have many audio and video lessons, pronunciation exercises, games, and tests.

The best of all is that you can play our videos over and over again until the words and pronunciation become a part of you and you will learn how to understand them and how use them in a sentence. All videos are subtitled and easy to follow. We don’t say that you just need to learn pronunciation, of course, you will need a lot more. But the best way to start is to learn how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet, then you should focus on the vocabulary, phrases, grammar etc. Sounds hard, we know. All that you need is a strong will to learn, and to set your goals.  Find yourself a good motivation. Why do you want to increase your knowledge of Spanish? If you need Spanish because you like traveling than focus on travel vocabulary, if you need it for the job than, you should learn Spanish for business purposes.





If you already met the English grammar then, studying Spanish grammar is not going to be difficult for you. There is a lot of similarity between them and some rules you will memorize easy and some of them are going to be very difficult. Without grammar, you can’t form a complete sentence. In the beginning, you will learn only words and phrases but you will need much more.  You should learn how to form a complete sentence and to start a conversation without stopping and thinking what goes first, what was the word.

You need to learn how to talk fluently. To know how to express yourself. At the Speak Academy, we have prepared for you many Grammar exercises that will help you to understand the rules and to prepare yourself for the exam, TEFL, IELTS or for your job interview. Learn all the tricks and you will be able to learn how to communicate in Spanish in only three months. But everything depends on you! If you don’t take this course seriously you can’t expect that you will learn Spanish in the shortest time. If you practice one hour per day you will see your first results in two weeks. Be persistent and don’t give up!








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