Online games to learn Russian

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Online games to learn Russian

Online games to learn Russian can help you to better understand Russian language, because it is very important and it is widely spoken and not only in Russia also in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Israel, the Balkans and the USA.  If you want to build your career, the Russian language is a good choice and it will open you many doors in the business world related to oil, gas, translation jobs, teaching jobs etc. To learn how to communicate fluently without stopping you will need to take the Russian language course at the Speak Academy.

Learning with us is a real adventure. Everyday you will learn something new and you will be proud of yourself because you will do things on your own. There is no better feeling when you reach your goals by yourself. Our courses are vivid, interactive and playful. You can improve your vocabulary, phrases and grammar while you are playing our learning games. You don’t need to leave your home or office, the technology allows us to do that online.


Learn while you are playing


Sometimes studying can be exhausting and you will need a break from everything. But a break from studying it doesn’t means that you need to take a break from learning, too! You can play our games and learn at the same time. If you make your learning fun you will be able to memorize better and to learn more quickly.  Games can easily trick your brain to think that you don’t study anymore while actually you are still learning. You will love these educational games which are going to make you to love your studying.

Games can help you to understand the language and to practice how to use it in a conversation. Most games are for beginner and intermediate language learners but there are a lot of games for advanced language learners, too. E.g. vocabulary quizzes are one of them. All these games are flexible and easy adoptable, you can focus on the topic that you want to learn. You can improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Some of these games have an option to play the audio sound and you will learn how to pronounce words correctly. We can call this game as a Digital dialect game.


The Word games




The word games will expand your vocabulary. You will have a limited time to match the word to the correct picture. It is much easier when you can visualize the word because is going to stay in your memory as a picture. Than try to use words in a sentence. E.g., if you have a word “window” you can make a basic sentence such as “Open the window” or if you are intermediate level then you can make more complexed sentence “Go upstairs and open the window in your room”. The word games are very interesting and very simple so you will enjoy it while you are playing them.


Grammar games and exercises



Grammar games can help you to improve your overall grammar or to help you to find out your week areas. Exercise are focus on tenses, nouns (plural and singular) adjectives etc. E.g. You will have a picture of some house and garden and you will use adjectives to describe it (big, white, beautiful…). Than you can practice on your own. Try to describe your best friend or your family. Russian grammar is very difficult but games can help you a lot to understand the rules better and to learn how to follow them easily. At the Speak Academy we have prepared many grammar games and exercises that will make your learning much interesting,




There are a lot of quizzes that you can find online. Some of them are focused on vocabulary and other on the specific topic e.g. face, body, kitchen, clothes, pets, office, house etc. Some questions can be related to explain the meaning of the Russian word and some can ask you for the translation from English to Russian. Your time here will be limited and you need to give an answer as fast as you can before the time runs out. This will help you to learn words more thoroughly. Those are quizzes for beginners and we also, at the Speak Academy have quizzes for intermediate and advanced Russian language learners. You will have questions from the material that we gave you and you will refresh your memory and learn easily to follow the rules.


The Memory card games


This is a classic game of concertation. You will need to memorize the words, sentences and here you can learn a lot. You will improve your vocabulary and you will learn how to make a basic sentence.  Write down those sentences and you can use the same form with a different vocabulary. This game is simple and very useful. You can also learn a lot of phrases that we are using in our everyday conversation.


Typing test

Click on image below to start typing test!

Online games to learn Russian


Typing test game will improve your writing skills and your speed of typing. You will need to type as many words as you can in only one minute. Here you will learn new words and you will learn how to write. So, typing tests are extremely important in the Russian language course and it is real fun to play it. At the Speak Academy, we will give you the commonly spoken words that you need for everyday speaking. You can practice this game with a friend and to try to beat his/hers score. The statistic shows that you can type 41 words per a minute. You can try to give your best and to beat that score.


So, our advice is to take a break game and to continue your learning while you are having fun. Play to learn! Good luck! Start our Russian language course today be a part of our big organization. We promise you that you will increase your Russian speaking in less than three months if you practice every day. If you have any question for us, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be thrilled to have you as a part of our team.


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