Online games to learn Italian

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Online games to learn Italian

Online games to learn Italian is a good motivation to learn the language. You will take a break from the traditional way of learning and start a new chapter where you will have fun while you are learning. If you like to play games as much as we do, then, this will be a good task for you. If you don’t, you will learn how to love it. There are a lot of interesting learning games that you can play online e.g. Fast Italian, Prepositions, Fast phrases, Phrasal verbs, Conditional sentences, Memory card games, Puzzle games, Quizzes, Tests and others. Today we are going to introduce you the games that you can learn at the Speak Academy and we will also mention other games that can increase your knowledge of the Spanish language and you can find them on the Internet.


Fast Italian game



How can you play, having fun and at the same time to learn? Easily! That’s why learning games exist. Fast Italian game is a game where you can listen or read the words and you need to try to match them with the picture. It is easy to learn new words when you have pictures. If you don’t visualize them, it will be very hard for you to understand their meaning. While you are playing this game, your time will be limited and you will need to think fast. This is a simple game to play with its purpose to learn you a basic Italian vocabulary. Here you can choose do you want to play it fast or if that is too quick for you then, you can choose to play it slow. You can find this game on the Internet.


Preposition games


This game is more suitable for Italian as a second language students than for the native speakers. What is a preposition? A preposition is a word or a phrase that can put together two words e.g. “per” in the Italian language is the same as English “for, to, by or even as” according to a different use. The aim of this game is to learn how can you recognize the preposition and to learn how to use it. The student will need to move objects accordingly. To play this game student will need to read the sentence first and then to move it to the correct position.


 Fast Phrases


This game will help you to learn the basic sentences formations. It can learn you how to form a basic sentence and you will learn about phrases that we are using in everyday conversation. This game is very useful to increase your knowledge of Italian, to expand your vocabulary and to learn you how to form a sentence. You supposed to match the correct sentence with a picture. You will have probably 5 to 6 possible options below. If the image is of “a boy is playing football” the correct phrase should be “He is playing football” Here you will learn how to form a sentence and when you learn it you can try to practice with new vocabulary using the same form of the sentence.


The memory card game



Our memory card game is a game that can help you to expand your vocabulary and to learn how to introduce yourself. It is a classic concentration game. This game is very simple to play. You will see for cards on your screen. You need to reverse them and to read the sentence. On each card, you will see a person who will introduce itself e.g. Hello! My name is Kate. I am an Italian teacher. Here you can learn about the formal and informal way of speaking. If you hear: Good morning! How are you, sir? That is a formal way of speaking when we are speaking with our boss, client or some other person that we don’t know.

The informal way of speaking is the one that we are using when we already know that person for a long time or usually the young people are talking like that e.g. Hi! What’s up? You will need to drag the picture into the square and to match the words with the picture.


Puzzle games


There are many educational puzzle games that you can find on the Internet and they are also part of our Italian course. They are very helpful and it will increase your knowledge of Italian and also will help you to learn many new words and grammar. One of the puzzle games is a crossword. The crossword will challenge your vocabulary. The answers are provided to you and if you don’t understand the meaning of some words you can write them down and look them up on the Internet and try to define them. Our advice is to use some online dictionary. Under your translated word you will find a definition and you will see the sentence example. When you find out the meaning try to make some sentences by yourself.




If you have a competitive spirit then, this is a great game for you!  You can test your knowledge and you can play this game with your friend. Questions are all made accordingly to our learning material and it will help you to refresh your knowledge. Quizzes are fun and very easy to play and you can repeat it over and over again until you are not 100% sure that you understand all the rules and after you finish it, you will find out how much exactly you have understood

. If questions in our quiz are too easy for you then, you are ready for the upper level. Our mission will be accomplished (improving your knowledge of Italian) and you will be proud of yourself because you did it on your own with our little help. Be persisted and the success is guaranteed! We are waiting for you! Join us today at the Speak Academy! We will be proud to have you on our team.


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