Online English speaking course

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Online English speaking course

Online English speaking course is for everyone. If you can read and write in English but find it difficult to speak you should have more speaking practice.  Without practice it will be impossible to learn and speak any language. The Speak Academy will empower you to become a professional with an excellent speaking skill. Take our online-English speaking course and we assure you that you will have fluency in the shortest possible time if you follow our learning steps.


Learn the words

If you are a beginner, first you will need to learn how to pronounce the letters and then you should learn the words. E.g. D is for door! You will have the picture of the door on your screen so, it is going to be easy for you to understand the word. Now we can put that word in a sentence e.g. Open the door! Then, you should ask yourself a question: What else can you do with a door? Hm…we can close them of course! Close that door! When you learn at least 50 words that you need for every day conversation you can learn phrases. Phrases can help you to form basic sentences. You will think that is a sentence but it is not. Those are just words that can we put together. To make a complete sentence you will need grammar.


English grammar


To start a conversation you will need to form a complete sentence. To make a complete sentence you supposed to learn grammar rules. Studying grammar is not always fun and easy. Grammar can be very complexed and complicated. But with good tips and tricks you can handle it easily. Don’t learn every single rule that can slow you down. Even the native speakers don’t know all the rules. We will learn you how to overcome your grammar avoiding common mistakes. You should start from basic rules e.g. I and me are interchangeable. Can you guess what sentence is correct?

Anna and I went to the park.

Anna and me went to the park.


If your answer is sentence number one then you are right! However, don’t feel bad if you made a mistake. Many native speakers get this rule confused and sometimes you can hear them to use the second sentence in a conversation even if this sentence is not correct. I you want to find out the explanation of this rule you should take our online-speaking course at the Speak Academy.


Find study partners


Learning with someone is always more interesting then learning on your own. You can for a English speaking group and to practice a conversation. You can motivate each other and you will enrich yourself by helping others with their problems. After all you are not alone in this. There are many people having the same problem as you are. Contact them. Talk to them. Invite them in your group. Now when technology has increased it is much easier to find a study partner using the social networks or forums.


Set your goals

You should know the reason why do you want to learn English. Is it be cause of the job promotion or you want to move in some of the English-speaking countries or you just want to improve yourself? Set the short-term and a long-term goal and try to achieve them. It is much easier to learn it if you have a good motivation.

Online speaking course


In nowadays learning languages is much easier. You can take an online speaking course without leaving your home or office. This method of learning will save your time and it will help you to increase your knowledge of English in the shortest possible time. If you are sick of sitting all day in uncomfortable chair you can make your own learning environment. You can learn your English from every single place that makes you comfortable. Some people like to learn in the park, other like to do it from a café and everything is possible with an online learning. We will provide you with all possible material that will help you to improve your speaking in less then 3 months. Our material is made of audio and video lessons, games, exercises and tests. Our teachers will learn you all possible tricks to improve your speaking in the shortest time. Pay attention on pronunciation and repeat after our teacher. You can listen our videos several times to catch any interesting word that is unfamiliar to you. Try to define that word and to put it in a sentence.


Practice every day

If you want to have fluency you should practice your English every day. Practice with our teacher, with your friend or family and try to make a conversation. You can talk about hobbies, books that you like to read, sport that you are doing every day, traveling or your job. It is enough for you to do that an hour daily. Sometimes you will need more than hour because of more complexed sentences and rules that you need to learn. When you started to feel tired of all that studying you can make a break with some of many learning games that we have on our site. With our learning games you will resting while you are still learning. You  can expand your vocabulary and some rules can started to be more clearly to you.


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