Learning Spanish online

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Learning Spanish online

learning spanish online

If you are a traveler and you want to visit some of the Spanish-speaking countries you will need to have fluency in your Spanish and learning spanish online is not difficult. You will not need English in those countries, most of the people don’t use it or their speaking is limited so, you will need to have fluency in your Spanish. To learn how to speak Spanish you should take an online Spanish-speaking course at the Speak Academy and have good in learning Spanish online.

Improve your speaking

learning spanish online

Take a self-study course at the Speak Academy, it will help you to improve your speaking. You will have much useful material, texts, audio and video lessons, games, quizzes and tests to improve your language. Repeat after our teachers and be more interactive. You can’t expect that you will improve it in 5 days but in 3 months you will be able to start a basic conversation. We didn’t say that is going to be easy but, on the end, you will be very proud of yourself because you did it on your own.


Learn Vocabulary

learning spanish online

You should try to learn at least 10 words per day. Repeat them. Try to make sentences with examples that we gave to you. We learn new words every day and not just in our second language also we learn new words in our mother tongue, too!


Learn phrases

learning spanish online

It is always good to start with phrases that we are using every day. E.g. Hello (informal speaking)- HOLA! My name is Lucia-ME LLAMO LUCIA, Nice to meet you-MUCHO GUSTO!

Goodbye-ADIOS! Good morning-BUENOS DIAS! Phrases are good to start a conversation you need just to learn how to use them. Everybody likes to talk about food so, it is good to know how to say it in Spanish- e.g. You are in a Spanish restaurant and you want to order a food but there is no the English menu so you will need to learn how to read and to name the food that you want (e.g. salad-LA ENSALADA, sandwich-EL SANDWICH, fish-EL PESCADO).


Grammar is important but it can slow you down


If you are paying attention to the grammar too much you will not be able to have fluency. You will be focused on the word order in a sentence and what tense did you use and not that much on speaking. We don’t say that grammar is not important, of course, it is! But in the beginning, it can slow you down so, put it away and try to improve your speaking.


Practice, Practice, Practice!


When you learn some basic phrases and vocabulary you should try to start a conversation. It will be good for you to do it with your friend but if you don’t have a friend who is speaking Spanish, you can do it by yourself. You can stand in front of the mirror and practice like you are preparing for the speech. Write it down on the paper and try to introduce yourself with phrases and vocabulary that you learn, and also it will be good to record yourself. You will be able to see your mistakes and you will learn how to correct them. The more you practice the better you will be!


Improve your writing skills


Maybe you will need the Spanish language for your job then, you should practice your writing. At the Speak Academy, we have the typing test that can help you not only with your writing skills you will also learn a lot of new words, too. You will have e.g. 70 words to type in one minute and you will try to type as much as you can!  This is a fun way to learn words and to improve your writing.


Read Spanish as much as you can!


At the beginning, while you are a beginner and you still don’t know a lot of vocabulary you will struggle with your reading. But soon as you handle it you should try to make reading Spanish daily. Let’s that be your daily obligations. We will give you a lot of texts to practice your reading and also it will be good for you to read some Spanish newspapers on the Internet, to find some interesting blogs or books.


 Choose yourself a good environment


It will be good for you to make your own learning environment. Since the learning Spanish online is practical and flexible you can do it from every place that makes you feel comfortable. It can be your home, office, the park it depends on you! Just be persistent, reach your goals and don’t give up! It will be difficult to learn a new language, we are adults and learning is not that easy as we were children but is not going to be boring our team of professionals at the Speak Academy will give our best to make your learning easier and much more interesting. It is important to have a strong wheel to learn it and to find a motivation.


Try to meet natives


Also, it will be good if you meet some native speakers on the Internet. Ask them to help you with the words that you are struggling with or the rules of the grammar that you don’t understand.  You can also talk to our team of the professionals at the Speak Academy and to ask them whatever you don’t understand. We are here for you! We can help you whenever you need our help. You just need to ask!


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