Learning Serbian online

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Learning Serbian online

Let’s start with Learning Serbian online

Serbia is a small but very beautiful country in the southeast of Europe. It has a long and reach history, beautiful places to visit and people who are very friendly and welcoming. Around 9.000.0000 people are speaking the Serbian language. The language is written with 2 alphabets Cyrillic and Latin.  It has 30 letters, 5 vowels and 25 consonants which correspond to a single sound. As the creator of the Serbian alphabet Vuk Karadzic says Write as you say and read as it is written!


Maybe you will need the Serbian language for traveling, for business purposes or you decided to study there, you supposed to learn it in a right way. If you already have a lot of things to do daily (work, family and so one), and you don’t have time to take some private Serbian course at the school for language purposes, which is so far away from your home, you should choose much convenient method and try to learn it online. That will save your time and you will learn it in a very creative and interesting way which is completely the opposite of the traditional way of learning. Try something new!


Take an online course


The Serbian online course at the Speak Academy contains many lessons that will help you to understand and to follow the rules of the Serbian grammar which is not easy at all. You will have audio and video lessons which are subtitled so you can better understand its meaning. Our tutors are all native speakers so you will learn the pronunciation, too.


Quiet personality


If you are a quiet type of person, too shy to talk and you are not that ambitious as other learners, the best option is to take an online self-study course. Don’t allow yourself to feel embarrassed because you don’t know the answer on a question when your teacher upon you, you can avoid that discomfort and do it by yourself with the right material which you can find at the Speak Academy self-study course.


Self-study course


If you want to feel very proud of yourself and to do the things on your own, then, take the self-study course at the Speak Academy. Make your own schedule, learn from every place that is enough comfortable for learning, play some relaxing music and start. We will provide you with all the suitable material that you need, and we will try to make it much easier for learning the Serbian language and your task will be to learn it. We can’t do that instead of you. You will need to do things on your own. It’s not that hard as it sounds. We will make your learning much more interesting with learning games that will increase your vocabulary in the Serbian language and it will teach you useful phrases that you will need for everyday conversation.


Save your money


Not only that learning online will save your time it can save your money, too! The traditional way of learning sometimes can be very expensive. You will give a lot of money and on the end, you will not be satisfied with your acquired knowledge because you will probably use the outdated books and do just the repeating with your teacher that is maybe not a native speaker and has a bad accent. If that school is also, far away from your home or your work you will need to pay the gas for your car, pay the cab or you will pay the tickets for the public transportation. That’s way of learning online is a much convenient method of learning because you can do it from your home. Save your money and save your valuable time!


Learn the Serbian language with movies and music


The Serbian cinema is very popular and one of the most regarded in Europe. There are plenty of interesting cult movies that you will love it. If you are a film buff, you will agree with me that nothing is better than knowing the original language of the movie. You can put the Serbian subtitle, is going to be easier for you to understand it and you can improve your vocabulary and to learn useful phrases.

The Serbian music is interesting and probably completely different from one that you are listening in your country. They are either funny or full of emotions. Look for their lyrics and try to sing with them. Probably your pronunciation is going to be better while you are singing the words and also you will learn the vocabulary and many different ways to say I love you or I hate you…


Learn Serbian grammar online


Serbian grammar is very difficult because it has 7 cases.  The rules are different from the English language and it will be hard to learn it at the beginning. At the Speak Academy, we had a different approach of learning. We prepared many useful materials and interesting tests to check your acquired knowledge.  Our advice is to start with nouns. When you learn what is the noun and how to recognize it in a sentence, you will learn the usage of its singular and plural form. Then, we will give you a test.

E.g. Put the masculine gender nouns in the plural form. Fill in the blanks.


To je prozor. To su   _______.

Ovo je pas. Ovo su __________.

To je ptica. To su __________.

Ovo je automobil. Ovo su ______.

To je torta. To su ________.

Ovo je baba. Ovo su ________.


You will also learn the Serbian language through games. You can have fun while you are learning useful phrases that you will need for everyday conversation. So, do not hesitate and take our Serbian course today! We promise that we will give you the best learning material, interesting learning games, quizzes and tests that will help you to increase your knowledge of the Serbian language. Don’t be afraid of challenges! Join us today here at the Speak Academy, and start your course!


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