Learning Italian grammar online

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Learning Italian grammar online

Let’s talk about Learning Italian grammar online. When you start to learn the Italian language, your focus is not going to be grammar. You need to learn words and phrases, first. Phrases are words that we are using in everyday communication. They can help you to form some basic sentences. When you already know some rules, you should learn syntax. Syntax will help you to connect words in a sentence. Here are some e.g.


Presentarsi / introducing yourself:


Mi chiam: My name is


Sono di: I’m from


Ho _____ anni: I am ___ years old


Studio l’italiano da ___ mesi/anni: I have been learning Italian for ___ months/years


Grammar exercises can help you


Learning grammar is not the interesting part of learning and it is not easy at all. Grammar exercises can make your learning easier. At the Speak Academy, every lesson is carefully chosen by the team of professional linguists and you will have around 5 minutes to complete it. Read, write and speak! 5 minutes it’s not a lot! Our exercises are created to make your learning easy and fun as much as it is possible.


While you have been in school, your learning was focused on verbs and pronouns. That method of learning is wrong. Why? Because it will make you feel confused and maybe you will never be able to memorize and to understand all those rules. That’s why we are different. Our team of professionals created exercises where you can practice by building real sentences that we are using in a real life (ordering food in a restaurant, talking about your hobbies, books that you like to read etc.).


Choose the smart way


Instead of learning all the rules at once, our focus is to learn Italian words and sentences that are the most commonly used. Take this journey with us and enjoy in your learning!


Here are some tips from the Speak Academy:


Practice every day!


To increase your knowledge of Italian quickly you should do more practice. Keep learning new words, sentences and grammatical structure every day. Try to do all the exercises that the Speak Academy gave you. The more you practice the better you will be.


Find a learning partner


Everything is much easier when you do it in a pair. Find a studying partner and help each other. Practice your speaking, grammar and writing together. Take quizzes, tests and grammar exercises and try to beat your partner’s score.


Learn the Italian pronunciation


You should learn how to sound out all the letters correctly. If you don’t pronounce words well, the natives will not be able to understand you. Why do you learn the language if not to use it? Listen to our teacher and repeat. Repeat over and over again until the words don’t become a part of you. At the Speak Academy, all our teachers are natives and we have prepared for you a lot of materials and interactive videos that will explain all the details and give you some useful instructions on how to learn Italian pronunciation in the quickest way.  Listen, write them down and repeat!


Where do I put all the words? (Syntax)


Pay attention to syntax. The syntax is crucial in the Italian language because it will learn you the word order in a sentence. The syntax will put some words together that will be understandable to Italian people. You’ve been able to express yourself on the way that Italian people do.

The basic form is: subject + verb + object (not the subject)




– Lucia ha paura. – Lucia has fear.

– (io) ho una mela. – I have an apple.

– (io) parlo inglese – I speak English.

Watch video lessons


There are a plenty of useful videos that can help you and show you how to understand the Italian grammar and teach you to follow the rules. Listening is very important. Listen to the audio lessons that can help you to learn the rules and practice. It is important to have a strong willpower and to be patent.

Those rules are difficult and not so understandable at the beginning, but when you listen carefully and concentrate on the understanding, you will be able to handle this grammar rules very quickly. Try not to learn it as a poem, try to learn it by heart. Follow your instinct and take it easy. You are learning Italian at your own speed. Nobody is putting a pressure on you. The online learning allows you to make your own learning schedule. It is very flexible. Chose yourself a learning environment that makes you feel comfortable.


Take the online Italian course!

The online Italian course at the Speak Academy is more vivid and interactive. It will show you all the possible tricks that can make you more fluently. Our focus is to learn you words and phrases that are the most commonly used in the Italian language. Learning grammar, it doesn’t mean that need to be boring. You can improve your knowledge with our learning games.  Games will help you to relax. When you start to feel fatigued, take a break from all that studying with our learning games. Games will make your learning more interesting and you will not feel like you are studying while you are still learning.


Practice your grammar with quizzes


Quizzes will refresh your memory. It will help you to learn and understand Italian grammar. You can practice with your studying partner or you can do it on your own. Take the online Italian course and increase your knowledge of Italian. Grammar can be difficult but it is good that you can play our lessons over and over again until you understand its meaning. We can’t reveal you everything now. You should take our online Italian course and find out for yourself. A lot of tricks are hiding behind that door. Start your learning with the Speak Academy and we are promising that you will be able to handle all the basic grammar rules in less than 3 months. Sounds incredible? Believe in yourself as much as we believe in you! What are you waiting for? Start your learning today!


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