Learning Italian from home

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Learning Italian from home

Learning Italian from home is a good option in nowadays and not only for kids and teenagers, also for adults, too. If you have too many daily obligations and you don’t have time to go to some private language purposes school, then, this method of learning is perfect for you.  You can make your own learning environment, choose yourself a comfortable chair and a big desk, make yourself comfortable. If you think that online learning will not increase your knowledge of the Italian language, you are wrong.


Learning Italian from home

A traditional way of learning doesn’t mean that is a good choice. Sometimes they are using the outdated school books and all that you are doing is repeating. The classroom can be full of people and if a teacher upon you and you don’t know the answer, you may feel very embarrassed. That’s not going to happen with an online learning, especially if you are taking the Self-study course. You can find a Self-study course on our site https://speak-academy.com.


Self-study course at the Speak Academy

If you want to do everything on your own then, self-study course is a great option for you. We will give you all the material that you need to improve your Italian in less than 3 months and everything that you need is to learn and practice every day. Our learning material is carefully chosen by professionals. All our teachers are well educated with a long teaching experience. They will show you all possible tricks to learn your Italian in the shortest possible time.

You will have audio and video lessons and all videos at the Speak Academy are subtitled so you can easily follow our teachers. If you don’t like crowded places and you are feeling uncomfortable to sit in some boring classroom with many other students, and you don’t like the feeling that you are in high school anymore, this method of learning will relive you from all pressure and stressful situations.

You can make your own schedule, you can play videos as many times that you need and you can learn much easier and faster because you will not be under pressure. If you want to improve your pronunciation, we have many exercises, games, and videos that will explain to you how to pronounce words on the way that native speakers can understand. All our material is a mention for people who want to improve their speaking skills. We will learn you all possible things that you need for everyday conversation. If you need Italian for your exam we have many exercises that will help you to learn and to understand the grammar.


Set your goals


You need to know what your goals are.  If you know the purpose of your learning that can be a good motivation for you.  When we are motivated we can learn easily e.g. if you want to improve your Italian for business purposes then you should start with business vocabulary but if you are a beginner it is better to start our beginning course and then when you finish it choose a topic that you need. If you don’t know the Italian alphabet and basic grammar you can’t expect that you will learn Italian for business purposes.

Learning Italian from home

Learn the basics and then look up for a topic that you need. At the Speak Academy, we will make your learning easier and you will be able to handle the Italian language in the shortest possible time. That is only possible if you are practicing your Italian every day. If you don’t, then don’t expect results in next 6 months. It is enough to practice one hour per day. Listen to our teacher carefully, repeat and write the notes.  You have the material, pronunciation exercises and you have games that can help you to expand your vocabulary, learn the overall grammar and improve your writing skills, and You have everything that you need. You just need the willpower to study your Italian we can’t do that instead of you.


Pros and cons


There are a lot of pros and cons of learning from home.

Pros – It will save your time and money, you can make your learning environment and your own schedule. You can do it not only from your home, you can do it from every single place that has a good internet connection.  If you are too busy with your work this will make your learning much easier.  Cons-If you are a kind of person that is lazy and not organized then learning from home can’t be a good solution for you.

If you are still that kind of person that you need your mother telling you to finish your tasks and to push you all the time, this method of learning is not mentioned for you. You need to take this seriously if you want to increase your Italian language. All you need is to practice your Italian at least one hour per day. It is not too much and it can help you to improve your speaking skills. So, forget about being lazy and start learning today. You have all possible conditions to make your learning fun and interesting and to increase it in only three months. What are three months compared to your whole life? The Italian language can open a lot of doors in a business world and it can change your life forever.

If you are ready for a new chapter in your life than join us today at the Speak Academy. We assure you that you will be satisfied with your first results in less than two weeks. We are waiting for you! Be a part of our organization! You will be proud of yourself!





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