Learning English through games

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Learning English through games

Learning English through games is possible? YES! Sometimes you need a break from traditional studying. Have you ever thought about learning English through games? There are many interesting games that can improve your vocabulary. How? Playing Hidden object games can teach you many new words. Also, ESL and EFL games are very useful. You can practice your English and learn how to describe images that you see by making sentences to match the meaning.  Sounds interesting?


ESL games for Kids and Teenagers


Who said that English can’t be fun and easy to learn? ESL games can help you improve your English. There are many activities for teaching and practicing your vocabulary, grammar, listening and pronunciation skills. ESL games can help you a lot. If you are studying hard and losing your concentration, take a break and play some ESL games. That will help you and motivate you to continue your learning. Also, you are going to have a lot of fun while you are playing them. Who doesn’t like to play?

Here are some popular games that you can use for your learning Memory games, Spelling games, Sentence games, Board games, Concentration games, Matching games and so on…


Adults games for learning English



Learning games are not only for kids and teenagers, there are plenty of learning adults games, too! Those games are going to help you and motivate you to study English. Card games, Matching games, Memory games, quizzes and they will help you to learn how to form a sentence, learn new vocabulary, and learn how to describe things, people, objects using adjectives.


Hidden object games


Hidden object games are great. You can explore a different point of the view and dive into the world of the words. The game is easy to play and you can learn a lot of words through those games. E.g. You need to explore the part of the house (kitchen). You will need to search all kitchen utensils and your time will be limited. If you didn’t know the name of some object, here you will learn it easily.


Memory games



The memory game is a classic game of concentration. Intended to help students to learn English vocabulary by matching images and words. Here at the Speak Academy, we have many interesting Memory games, Puzzles and, quizzes that can help you to improve your English. How do we play? The game is very simple and hopefully fun. You need to click on the picture in order to reverse it and to read the sentence. On that image you could see a person who will introduce itself e.g. Good afternoon!  My name is John. You can see here how can that game help you to learn your English. Here we are learning about greetings (Formal and Informal e.g. Formal- Good afternoon! Good evening sir/madam! How are you today? Informal speaking- Hi! What’s up?) and they can teach you how to introduce yourself. Then you will need to drag the picture into the square and to match the words to the picture.


Puzzle games


Puzzle games are very interesting word games that can help you to improve your vocabulary. A lot. There are many fun and educational puzzle games that you can play while you are relaxing in your spare time. Puzzle games will help you not only with increasing your vocabulary also, they can learn you how to follow grammar rules and to improve your overall English comprehension. E.g. Doing the crossword can challenge your vocabulary. You can check the answers which are provided to you and see if you made any mistake. If you are not familiar with some of the words, you can write them down and review them later. After you define the words you can practice and use them in a sentence. Make as many sentences as you can.

The best thing about puzzle games is that you can play them in a pair or on your own. It is nice to have the chance to do something on your own. Isn’t it? That can make a big improvement in your English knowledge and practice in this way will make you feel very proud because you can increase and learned things on your own. That will definitely boost your confidence a little bit. If you have any difficulties with understanding words or rules, of course, you can always contact the Speak Academy and our tutors to help you. We are here for you!


Quizzes at the Speak Academy


If you like quizzes and answering questions, testing your knowledge, this is the right game for you! Quizzes games are also very good for people who are very shy and afraid of making mistakes. Here you can make many mistakes and still can learn a lot of things and guess what? Nobody will tell you anything. Do it for fun! Play, learn and refresh your memory. Quizzes are very interactive games. Learn the basics of English with our fun, free quizzes. Learn about grammar, abbreviations… Take some of our free quizzes to improve your learning and for whatever situation you want to excel in. There is an excellent way to practice your English and you can repeat it again and again. You will see how fast you can learn English in this way. You would be surprised!




If you are not certain which level of knowledge you are, the Speak Academy is offering you a test that can help you. After you finish the test you will know what the suitable level for you is.  Are you a t Beginner, Intermediate or advanced? That will ease the job and you can start from the level that is suiting you. We have also prepared a lot of grammar tests and other tests that can help you to improve your English skills. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, after all, we are all learning from our mistakes. You just need to do more practice, to have a strong will to learn and be very persistent and never give up!

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