Learn Spanish speaking online

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Learn Spanish speaking online

Why you should start course Learn Spanish speaking online? Now, when technology has increased you don’t need to change your lifestyle, quitting your job to study the language abroad. You can use the much convenient method and study Spanish online. It will increase your knowledge of Spanish in less than 3 months. Take our online Speaking course at the Speak Academy and you will be able to see your first results in less than 2 weeks.


Too busy with learning

If you are a busy mum or full-time employer, you can’t allow yourself to waste your time in traffic while you are commuting to some private school for language purposes. You can study your Spanish using the Spanish speaking course at the Speak Academy. Our method of teaching is different. If your dream is to speak more fluently we will do our best to make your dream come true. Our aim is to learn your vocabulary that native speakers are using in everyday conversation. Why do you learn the Spanish language if not for speaking? Save your time, finish all your daily obligations and take your online Spanish course.


Flexible schedule


When you take our Spanish speaking course you will make your own learning schedule. Find yourself a good learning environment, make it comfortable and start with learning. Sometimes you will have difficult days at your work and you will not be able to study your Spanish. That is just fine! That’s why is the online method of learning is much convenient. You can always continue from the lesson where you stopped. Play the video lessons as long as you don’t understand everything that teacher is telling you. All our video lessons are subtitled so you will not have any difficulties to follow them. If some word is not familiar to you, you can always hit the pause button and look for the word translation on the internet, using the online dictionary.

Taking notes is very important!

You should write down all the words. This will help you to improve your writing skills that are also very important. especially if you need Spanish for your work. Try to make as many sentences as you can. In this way, you will practice your grammar, vocabulary and you will improve your speaking.

Practice, practice, practice!


You should practice your speaking every day. Find yourself a study partner or use social networks to connect with native speakers. Forums can help you a lot. There are plenty of people having the same problem as you are. Ask a question or look up for answers. When you are just starting up, you can’t expect to have fluency in one month. You need to catch up many things before that part come. Focus on vocabulary and phrases. Learn how to sound out all the letters and then start to make some basic sentences. For more complexed sentences you will need grammar. In the beginning, your focus will not be on grammar, because that will slow you down.

You will be thinking too much about how to make that sentence following the grammar rules and, on the end, you will not be able to speak. Forget about grammar for a while and focus on vocabulary that you need for everyday conversation. If you are able to say “thirsty” in Spanish, every native will understand you. “Oh, the bar is over there!”. You will say the word they will answer you with a sentence. It is important to pronounce words correctly in the way that native speakers can understand you.


Learning through games and tests


When you feel tired of all that studying, reading, teaching take a break and play learning games. Learning games are very simple to play and it will make your learning much interesting. You will not have any feeling like you are studying while you are still learning. At the Speak Academy, we have many learning games (memory card game will help you to expand your vocabulary and it will teach you Spanish phrases, quizzes will refresh your memory and tests will help you to improve your knowledge of Spanish grammar and your typing). If you have some level of Spanish knowledge but you are not sure what that level is, at the Speak Academy we have a level placement test that will help you to determine your level of knowledge. After you find out what that level is, you will be able to take the course that is suitable for you.


Become a master


If you want to become a master in the Spanish language the Speak Academy will do everything to help you.  The content of our course is optimized for our learners to become experts in language that they want to learn. Learning Spanish is not easy. But it is not impossible. If you practice your speaking every day, you will increase your knowledge of the Spanish language in less than 3 months. Now, when you are not a kid anymore you should take this more seriously. Set your goals and find a motivation. You will have your up and down days. When you hit the obstacle don’t give up! Change your point of view. Don’t see those mistakes as a failure sees as an opportunity to improve yourself. Learn from your mistakes and never give up!


The best way to improve your speaking is to talk to a real human. Talk about your hobbies, books that you like to read, music that you like to listen to. Try to describe your day. Also, very helpful and useful exercise is to do more activity in English. E.g. If you like to cook, then try to name all the ingredients that you put, or when you are in your room, name all the things that you can see (TV, bookshelves, desk, computer, lamp). This exercise will make you speak more and it will expand your vocabulary. Don’t be lazy and practice your speaking every day! You can record yourself while you are speaking and play back later to see did you made any mistake.






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