Learn Spanish grammar online

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Learn Spanish grammar online

Why you should Learn Spanish grammar online? Everybody has the same fear when they are learning a new language “THE GRAMMAR”. You should try to overcome that fear. Close you’re eyes and take a deep breath we are going to end your fear for once and for all. You should follow our learning steps and learning with the Speak Academy will be like piece of cake for you. We will show you how can you improve your grammar online.


Do we really need to learn Spanish grammar rules?


Some people will say you that pillars hold up roofs and bridges and it is the same with Spanish grammar and Spanish itself. If you want to make more complexed sentences you will need grammar for that. Learning words and phrases will just help you to form some basic sentences. If you don’t want your level of Spanish to be on the beginner’s level then, you should focus on the grammar rules. There are many rules that you need to follow and we are going to show you some tricks how can you learn it quickly.




One of the trickiest thing in the Spanish grammar are prepositions. Prepositions are showing you a relationship between two words in a sentence. It goes before noun or pronoun. Usually they are very tricky and our advice is to memorize them individually. You can divide them in two groups- simple prepositions and compound prepositions.


Here are some examples of simple prepositions:



to, at


Ellos viajaron a francia – They travelled to France


Con- with, to- Ven con nosotros – Come with us


De- of, from, about- Capital de España- Ella es de Madrid-Capital of Spain – She is from Madrid.


En-in, on, at, by-En un minute-Viajo en coche- In a minute – I travel by car.


Compound prepositions


antes de – prior to, before – Antes de 1980 – Before 1980


con respecto a – with respect to


Con respecto al anuncio de  empleo – With respect to the job  advert


debajo de- underneath – Debajo de la mesa – Underneath the table


delante de- in front of, before – Delante de la chimenea – In front of the fireplace


When you learn Spanish prepositions, it will allow you to construct sentences properly. Prepositions “a” and “de” are the most commonly used in the Spanish language. Your focus should be on them.


Watch and listen!


You should listen to our audio and video lessons. There are a plenty of useful videos that can help you and show you how to understand the Spanish grammar. Listening is very important here. Listen the audio lessons that can help you to learn the rules and practice. It is important to have a strong willpower and to be patent. Those rules are difficult and not so understandable at the beginning but when you listen carefully and concentrate on the understanding, your learning will not be difficult.

Try not to learn the rues as a poem, learn it from your heart. You can’t become fluent in Spanish if you don’t truly understand the grammar. Write the notes and be more confident! In the beginning, when you start to learn grammar you will have feeling like you are climbing Mont Everest but when everything comes on its place you will feel like you are climbing hill and eventually it will become a flat land. You just need to be patient with grammar. Take your time and learn it in your own learning speed.


Online courses can help you


Online Spanish course at the Speak Academy can help you a lot to overcome the Spanish grammar. Listen to our teachers, they are professionals. Learn how to follow all those grammar rules and do your best to practice every day.

Start with nouns


What is a noun? Noun can be a person, place or a thing. Nouns should be the first topic that you should learn.

Here we are going to give you some examples of nouns and how to use them in a sentence. If noun is ending with vowel you can make it plural by adding “s”.


libro: libros

(libro + s)

pluma: plumas

(pluma + s)

chico: chicos

(chico + s)

señora: señoras

(señora + s)


If a noun ends in a consonant, make it plural by adding -es.


el borrador: los borradores

(borrador + es)

la universidad: las universidades

(universidad + es)

el profesor: los profesores

(profesor + es)

la ciudad: las ciudades

(ciudad + es)


Learning can be fun!


Well, we don’t need to use the outdated books or old fashion methods of learning. With today’s technology you can do so many interesting things that can help you to improve your knowledge. Learn your grammar with online learning games. Increase your knowledge of Spanish with our vivid lessons and practice your writing skills with a typing game.  All our video lessons are subtitled. You will not have any difficulties to follow our teachers. If something is difficult for you to understand it, don’t give up!

Keep on pressing on the regardless of the stumbling block or hardness that is standing on your way. Be persistent and never give up! If you have any question for us we are here for you! Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you! Change your point of view and stop thinking as failure. Learn from your mistakes and keep your head high! It is all about the mindset. Think positive and say every day: Learning is an adventure! I want to speak Spanish fluently and I will succeed in it! Join us today at Speak Academy and you will not be regretted! Take our online Spanish course and enjoy in your learning!


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