Learn Spanish conversation

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Learn Spanish conversation

Learn Spanish conversation course can help you a lot. You can meet many new people and make some friends. Why do you want to learn the language if not for a conversation? The Spanish language is very beautiful and easy to learn. As soon as you learn how to pronounce all the letters, and learn the vocabulary and phrases, you will not have any problem to use it in a conversation. The Speak Academy aim is to make you more fluently. If you take our Spanish course you will see your improvement after two weeks.


Learn Spanish conversation



Where to start?


If you are a beginner and you don’t know any single Spanish letter or word, you will need to start from the beginning. First you will need to learn how to pronounce the letters and then to focus on vocabulary, phrases and grammar. Our Spanish course is unique, we are using material that will improve your Spanish speaking in less than 3 months. Follow the teacher, repeat as many times as you need and learn how to understand the words. Our video lessons are all subtitled and easily to follow.


Learn Spanish phrases


The easiest way to learn useful Spanish phrases is to play our learning games. Learning games are there to help you to expand your vocabulary and to learn you how to form a basic sentence. If you are the advanced level learner, there are plenty of quizzes and test for you, too. The Memory card game can help you a lot with phrases. You will have 4 cards and, on each card will be a person that you need to memorize. Those persons are going to introduce themselves using the phrases e.g. Hello! My name is Maria. How are you? Hola! Mi nombre es Maria. Cómo estás? Here you can see how the Memory card can help you to learn the Spanish phrases.


Practice with a friend

Learn Spanish conversation

When you handle your first steps and learn some vocabulary try to practice your conversation with a friend or family. Write down everything that you learned and try to talk about your hobbies, traveling, your job, whatever you like. You will test yourself how much exactly did you understand. If you have any difficulties and you don’t now how to express yourself, you can always contact us. Send us an email and we will back to you as soon as we are in our office. Don’t be afraid to discuss with us. After all, we are here to help you.

If you don’t know any friend that is speaking Spanish so, you can always find one person on the internet. Use social networks or forums. There are many people who are in the same position like you, struggling with words and pronunciation. Contact them. There are also a lot of native speakers that will be thrilled to help you.


Reading is very important


Reading is very Important. While you are practicing your reading, you will learn how to expand your vocabulary and you will learn how to form a complete sentence. There are many texts at the Speak Academy that will help you to learn the vocabulary which Spanish people are using in everyday conversation. If you have interest in some particular topic than you can find it on the Internet. Read Spanish news, read about their culture, popular magazines, history etc. You need to learn the language on the way that native speaker can understand. Pay attention on the pronunciation and learn the phrases that they are using daily.


Music and Movies can help

Learn Spanish conversation

The Spanish music is very good and popular in the whole world. There are a lot of good musicians and singers e.g. The Gipsy kings and singers that are very popular now Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira etc. Listen to their popular songs and try to find the lyrics. You will learn many useful vocabularies and also you will be able to understand their culture. If you like to watch movies then try to find some good Spanish movie Tres metros sobre el cielo (Three meters above the sky), Tengo ganas de ti  (I want you) and so on. Put the Spanish subtitle to be easier for you to follow. You will learn many words with this method of learning and you will enjoy it. Relax, sit down on your cozy bed and start with watching your favorite movie.


Up and down days

Learn Spanish conversation

Everyone has their up and down days. Don’t let to discourage you! You will have your sunny days when everything is going to be shinny and you will learn a lot but when the grammar part comes, your days are not going to be shinny anymore. Don’t give up! Instead of having a breakdown take a break and play learning games. It will trick your brain and you will not have the feeling like you are studying while you are still learning. It will relax you and also it will clear a lot of things in your head. And when everything comes on the right place you can continue your learning. Take a deep breath and relax! If you are learning too much, all the things can be mixed up in your head.

So, don’t put yourself on that kind of pressure because there is no need for that. Our advice is to practice your Spanish one or two hours per a day. That is enough to increase your knowledge and to improve your speaking skills.  Follow our advices and be part of us. At the Speak Academy everybody is welcome! Don’t think too much and start it today! We will be proud to have you! Learn Spanish conversation and improve your skills!


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