How to learn Serbian step by step

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How to learn Serbian step by step

Learning Serbian step by step is intended for beginners when they decide to learn serbian. In every step, you will expand your knowledge of Serbian. It is intended, with the finalization of the last step, for you to poses practical language skills so you can feel confident in engaging the conversation with native Serbian speaker and to use the Serbian language comfortably in everyday life, like asking for directions from the locals, going to the cinema, asking for flight information, ordering your meals at the restaurants, etc. The Serbian language is written in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, while the Latin alphabet is more familiar and closer to English language alphabet.

Step 1 Spell and pronounce


Serbian is a very easy language to spell and pronounce it. Old saying in Serbia tells that you should write like you speak, and read as it is written, meaning that every sound represents one letter. This rule is applying even to the foreign words. The easiest examples for this purpose are the foreign names like, English has written David Beckham is Serbian written Dejvid Bekam, while Johny Depp is Džoni Dep. There are many English words in Serbian language, written with small distinctions and read very similar, which will make your learning process much easier (energy = energija, football = fudbal, motor = motor, imitation = imitacija).


Step 2 Phrases


Start learning some keywords and phrases so you can build up your knowledge further. Common, everyday communication phrases are:


-Kako si?              How are you?

-Hvala.                 Thank you.

-Zeleo bih…       I would like to…

-Gde je ?             Where is?

-Izvinite…           Excuse me…


In essence, the key is to learn question phrases which you can find at


Step 3 Vocabulary

learn serbian

Vocabulary is like any other thing, it is easiest to learn it by practicing it. Try to watch some of the classic Serbian movies with the subtitles. It won’t be easy at the beginning, but as the time pass, you will see the patterns of words most used. You can pick comedy movies, maybe the best genre in Serbian film industry, like Ko to tamo peva, Underground, Kad porastem biću kengur. You can also watch movies from other genres, like Klopka, Montevideo. So, start the movie, grab the dictionary, and enjoy while learning and take notes for the most common words.


Step 4 Focus on speaking


Serbian language grammar is a bit tougher to learn then vocabulary. If you are a beginner, try speaking words without taking into account whether it is Gramarly correct or not. The absolute best way to learn any new language is just to speak it. It doesn’t matter if you only know five Serbian words or if you’re practically fluent — speaking Serbian with another person is the fastest, most effective method of improving.

Don’t wait until you feel more comfortable speaking in Serbian — you probably won’t reach that level for a long time, so push yourself outside of your comfort zone and start speaking Serbian today. You’ ll be amazed at how quickly your language skills improve..

If you live in a Serbian-speaking area, you can practice by starting simple conversations with the people you meet, whether it’s saying hello to a shopkeeper or asking a stranger for directions.

Try some internet websites to interact with people who are fluent in Serbian. It is easier to correct mistakes and get into the rhythm by making constant interactions. If you catch yourself during the day thinking about new words or translating the words from your native language to Serbian, you know that you are on the right track!


Step 5 Grammar


The most complicated part, grammar. So easy to communicate, and so difficult to obtain the grammar knowledge. I will highlight some of the many aspects of Serbian grammar. The Serbian language has three genders. There are masculine, feminine and neuter. The gender of a noun in Serbiancan generally be determined by its last letter.

Nouns ending in a consonant are masculine šećer = sugar, ekran = screen, kaput = coat, krevet = bed.

–a are feminine ulica =street, voda = water, stolica = chair, slika = picture.

–o or –e are neuter more =sea, pivo = beer, jutro = morning. All adjectives change their endings according to the gender they are describing.


The Serbian language has a case system. There are seven cases in Serbian nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, instrumental and locative. Cases change the words in their endings, depending to the role they fulfill in the sentence.


Tenses in the Serbian language are pretty much similar to the ones in English, so this part should not be a problem.


This is just a little insight on what is expected of you to know if you want your Serbian language skills to be perfect. You can take the course at and get your high quality and low price certificate.


Step 6 We live in the internet era, use the technology


As you’ve probably noticed from these tips, the Internet can a great tool for Serbian language learning. You can use it for watching the movies, reading the online newspaper or magazine articles or just going through some Wikipedia articles on Serbian. It would be great to visit some local library to find some book that you are interested in Serbian language, but it’s much more common for people to use the Internet to practice their Serbian skills these days than it is for them to open up a textbook.

You can also change the settings on your favorite pc or tablet game. Change the language to Serbian, and all the known features or terms in the game will stay in your memory in Serbian. Also, try to play some online quizzes and don’t worry about the result, just keep in mind that your Serbian skills are constantly improving.

I said that there was no magic technique for learning Serbian, but if we come up with one, the Internet course at would probably be the closest thing to a magic pill or program to learn Serbian quickly.

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