Learn Serbian speaking online

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Learn Serbian speaking online

Let’s talk about heading Learn Serbian speaking online. Serbian is a very easy language to spell and pronounce it. The old saying in Serbia tells that you should write as you speak, and read as it is written, meaning that every sound represents one letter. Learn the Serbian language using our online platform for language purposes at the Speak Academy.

How to improve your speaking?


Start learning with phrases that are commonly used in the Serbian language.

-Kako si?             How are you?

-Hvala.                  Thank you.

-Želeo bih…        I would like to…

-Gde je ?             Where is?

-Izvinite…            Excuse me…

Šta radiš?            What are you doing?


The Serbian language is written in Cyrillic and the most problematic thing is pronunciation.


How to pronounce the words correctly?


When you start to learn the Serbian language, you will have a lot of difficulties to pronounce some letters (Ž, Š, Đ, Č, Ć). Ž  is for Žena ( we pronounce the letter Ž  as same as the sound “s” in the word pleasure and usually. Ć is for Ćelav (bald). If you take our online course at the Speak Academy, you will have many pronunciation exercises. As soon as you learn to pronounce the words correctly on the way that natives can understand you, we will be able to move on to the next step: vocabulary!



Vocabulary is like any other thing, it is easiest to learn it by practicing it. Try to watch some of the classic Serbian movies with the subtitles.  Put the Serbian subtitled instead of English. You will memorize many words in this way. It won’t be easy at the beginning, but as the time pass, you will see the patterns of words most used. You can pick comedy movies, maybe the best genre in the Serbian film industry, like Stado, Parada,Igla ispod praga, Mrtav ladan. You can also watch movies from other genres, like Bure baruta, Lepa sela lepo gore. So, start the movie, grab the dictionary, and enjoy while learning and take notes for the most common words.


Use your Serbian every day!


Speaking is the most important when you learn a new language whether it is Grammarly correct or not.

It is important to use it. It doesn’t matter if you only know five Serbian words or if you’re practically fluent — speaking Serbian with your studying partner or another person is the fastest, most effective method of improving.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your language skills improve.

If you live in a Serbian-speaking area, you can practice by starting simple conversations with the people you meet. Try to use the words that you’ve learned at the Speak Academy. Our focus is to teach you a vocabulary that Serbian people are using daily. Try to ask for direction or introduce yourself. Practice your Serbian speaking whenever you have a chance. Serbian people are very welcoming and helpful. It will be glad to help you with learning.  If you can’t visit Serbia, try some internet websites to interact with people who are fluent in Serbian. It is easier to correct mistakes and get into the rhythm by making constant interactions. Also, forums can help you. There are many people like you, struggling with pronunciation or grammar.


Improve your speaking with games


Games can help you a lot. You will learn many new vocabularies and phrases through our learning games. You will practice your reading and writing skills with our typing test. At the Speak Academy, you will have Memory card games, puzzle games, quizzes, and tests.


Learn Serbian with Serbian music

The Serbian music is interesting and probably completely different from one that you are listening in your country. They are either funny or full of emotions. Look for their lyrics and try to sing with them. Probably your pronunciation is going to be better while you are singing the words and also you will expand your vocabulary and you will learn new phrases. There are a lot of good Serbian singers e.g. Željko Joksimović- Lane moje, Marija Šerifović- Molitva or some other genre like hip-hop (Ajs Nigrutin)  Music will help you to improve your pronunciation. Practice your Serbian with Serbian singers.


Reading can help you


When you learn to sound out all the letters correctly, you will be able to read the words. Read the online newspaper or magazine articles or just going through some Wikipedia articles on Serbian. While you are practice your reading, you will learn many new words in this way. If you see some word that is not familiar to you, google the word and try to define it. The online dictionary can help you, too. Some of the dictionary have the possibility to play the audio sound so you can learn the correct pronunciation. When you define a new word, you should try to put it in a sentence. Make as many sentences as you can.


Learning material


The material that we are using here at Speak Academy is more interesting and different from the other online learning platforms. You will enjoy and having fun while you are learning. We will provide you with so many interesting tests, games, videos (all our videos are subtitled so you can easily follow our teacher), grammar and pronunciation exercises and many others. We can’t tell you everything. See it for yourself! Start your learning today! Join us at the https://speak-academy.com.

There is no magic trick that can help you to learn your Serbian over the night. Unfortunately. Only practicing and strong will can help you. The Speak Academy will give you all the material that you need to improve your speaking in less than three months and the only task that you will have is to choose yourself a perfect learning environment, make yourself comfortable and to start with learning. Join us today and your success is guaranteed! We will be glad to have you! Start your learning at the Speak Academy and you will not be regretted! We are waiting for you!



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