Learn Serbian conversation

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Learn Serbian conversation

Why you should Learn Serbian conversation? The Serbian language is very beautiful and easy to learn. Words are soundable and many words are taken from the English language. The most problematic thing about the Serbian language is the grammar and pronunciation of some letters like (Ž, Š, Đ, Č, Ć).

The aim of the Speak Academy is to make your speaking fluently. You should take our Serbian speaking course and you will improve your speaking in less than 3 months. All our teachers are professionals with a long teaching experience and they are natives. Follow their instructions and practice every day. If you want to start a conversation in Serbian on the way that native speaker can understand you, you should pay attention to pronunciation.


Learn the Serbian pronunciation


Serbian pronunciation is very difficult because of letters (Ž, Đ,  Ć). You don’t have those letters in the English language and it will be very difficult to learn the correct pronunciation. E.g. Žaba (Frog), Đak (student), Ćorsokak (dead end). If you take our course you will have many pronunciation exercises and videos that can help you to improve it in the shortest possible time. Follow our teachers and their instructions. You can also try to listen to Serbian music. Serbian songs are very beautiful to hear and to sing.

They have remarkable singers e.g. one of them is young and beautiful Mina Matijašević -she is singing ethnic jazz and incredible voice of Maria Šerifović with her amazing song Molitva (Prayer) that took the first place 2007 on the Eurovision Song context. Listen to their pronunciation while they are singing and try to imitate them. If you don’t understand the words you can always search the lyrics and try to find their meaning using the online dictionary. Some of the Serbian songs have the English subtitle so you can easily understand their meaning.


Watch Serbian movies


Serbian films are very popular in Europe. Films can help you to understand the Serbian culture, to learn about Serbian history and to learn Serbian slang.

It will be easier for you to put the English subtitle to understand the movie but our advice is to not do that. It will be better to put the Serbian subtitle because you are going to learn many new vocabularies in this way. You will practice your reading and you will expand vocabulary.

If you don’t understand some of the words, stop the film and try to translate the word that is not familiar to you.


Practice with our teachers and your friends


Practice your conversation with our teachers. Make a dialogue and try to talk about things that you have learned on our Serbian course. You can practice with your friends, too. Try to introduce yourself to them on Serbian and if your friends don’t understand the words that you are saying, then, it is better to find natives using the social networks or to find them on forums. You can meet a lot of people and you can learn how to start a conversation in Serbian.


Spend some time in Serbia


The best way to learn the conversation is to surround yourself with the Serbian language. How can you do that? You can visit Serbia. Serbian people are very welcoming and when they hear that you are learning Serbian they will be thrilled to help you. You will make some friends, you will enjoy their traditional food and you will fell in love with Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. Learn how to think like Serbian and try to improve your pronunciation while you are listening to them every day. If you can’t afford an excursion like that, you can always use Skype and talk with your Serbian friends.


Games can help you a lot


Our Learning games at the Speak Academy will help you to improve your Serbian. You will expand your vocabulary, improve your reading and pronunciation and also, you will improve your writing skills with our typing test. Play to learn! While you are taking a break from everyday studying you can play games and learn at the same time. After you finish our Serbian course you will have the final exam and if you pass, you will get your certificate. That certificate can open you a lot of doors in the business world. So, don’t think too much and take our Serbian course!


Our goal


Our goal is to make you speak fluently in the shortest possible time. The material that we are using is carefully chosen by professionals and it will help you to increase your knowledge of Serbian in less than three months. All our teachers are natives and videos are subtitled so you can easily follow them. In the first two weeks, you will learn the alphabet, phrases, and vocabulary. Phrases will help you to form a basic sentence and after you handle them, you will start to learn grammar.

But don’t focus too much on grammar it will slow you down. It is better to put it behind for a while until you learn how to pronounce the words correctly and learn some phrases. All the vocabulary that you will learn at the Speak Academy are words that we are using in everyday conversation. You will be able to introduce yourself with our phrases and it will be very easy to start the conversation.


If this is your first time to meet with the Serbian language and you need it for business purposes, our advice is to start from the beginning. Take our Serbian course for beginners and when you start to understand some words and know how to form basic sentences you can choose the topic that you need. If you don’t know any word in Serbian you can’t expect that you will learn business vocabulary because they are difficult to understand, especially when you are not familiar with this language. Join us today! We will help you to increase your knowledge of Serbian in less than 3 months. You will be proud of yourself and we will be proud to have you as a part of our team.



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