Learn Russian speaking online

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Learn Russian speaking online

Let’s talk about Learn Russian speaking online course. Everyone is learning the Russian language at their own speed. The Speak Academy is here to help you to improve your speaking skills in less than 3 months. Our teachers will guide you to success as quickly as is possible.


Listen as much as you can!


Listening to other people conversation is the most effective way of improving your speaking skills. While you are listening to our teacher, use the notebook and write down every word. It will help you to build up your vocabulary.


Practice with a study partner


If you can find a study partner you can help each other to understand better difficult topics. Try to talk through questions and practice your speaking skills.


Read children’s books


It will sound funny but reading illustrated children’s books will help you a lot. It will put the words into context and it will make your learning more interesting. This is a good exercise for the beginner learners.


Online method of learning


There are many different ways to improve your Russian and one of them is to take the online speaking course at the Speak Academy. You will learn words that native speakers use in everyday conversation. Our focus is to improve your Russian speaking in less than 3 months. Will we succeed? Well, that depends on you! Learning a new language is difficult especially when it is written on the Cyrillic. You should learn how to sound out all the letters and then learn the words. Make your own learning schedule! Use your Russian every day. If you don’t use your language, why do you learn it? Speaking is very important. Repeat after your teacher and try to pronounce all the words correctly. Repeat it over and over again until words don’t start to be a part of you.


Believe in your success


When you hit your first obstacle don’t give up. We are not saying that learning is easy. It is not. You will need a lot of time to learn all those rules. If you believe in your success you will achieve your goals. Find yourself a good motivation and your learning will not be difficult. It is important to find a good reason why do you learn the Russian language?




If you just starting up you will need to forget about grammar for a while.  It is better to put it behind because it will slow you down. Our learning method is different. You should learn words and phrases first and then you can focus on the grammar rules. You can’t learn everything at once. Take it easy! Russian grammar is difficult for understanding but the Speak Academy will show you all the tricks how can you learn it fast. You just need to listen.

We will we give you all the material that you need to overcome basic grammar rules and exercises that can help you to increase it. When you start to feel tired of all that studying, play our online learning games. Memory game will teach you many words and phrases, quizzes will help you to refresh your knowledge and typing games will improve your writing skills. You will have a lot of fun while you are playing them.


Common words


Every language has the words that are more commonly used. It will be good to learn them first. Those words are usually used in everyday conversation. We will give you some examples:


Здравствуйте (Hello)

Доброе утро (Good morning)

Как Вы живёте? (How are you?)

Да (Yes)

Нет (No)

Пожалуйста (Please)

Спасибо (Thank you)


If you have some specific reason why do you learn Russian such as business or travel you should focus on the topic that you need. Don’t waste your time learning things that you don’t need.


Find similarities


If you want to improve Russian fast our advice is to find the words that have the same meaning in both Russian and English. There are many words that sound exactly like English words. Here are some examples of them:


Компьютер (computer)


Такси (taxi)


Аэропорт (airport)


Лампа (lamp)


Технология (technology)


Learn from your teacher


All our teachers at the Speak Academy are native. Learning is much easier when you have a right person to guide you. A professional, native speaker can teach you easily with a well structured plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. Start your learning today with us! We promise you that you will improve your speaking with our Russian speaking course at the Speak Academy.




Don’t worry if you sound like a broken record. You will need to repeat some words over and over again until you don’t pronounce it correctly. If you don’t pronounce words well, it will be difficult to understand you. There are many exercises that can improve your pronunciation. Follow your teacher’s instructions and start thinking like a Russian. You will memorize many words and you will be able to pronounce it correctly.


Use it every day


Russian is a seventh most spoken language in the world. You will not have any difficulties to find yourself a learning partner. Social networks and forums can help you. There are dozens of reasons to study Russian language. Perhaps you are admiring Russian culture, Russian architecture or you want to study there, the learning process will not be easy. It will not be hard, either! It is important to practice every day and to do more speaking and less complaining.

Follow our learning steps and you will see how fast you will improve. The Speak Academy is open for every question. Do not hesitate to contact us! Afterall we are here to make your learning easily! Take our online Russian speaking course and be part of our big organization! Learning can be fun with our learning methods! Make yourself comfortable, choose your own learning environment (home, office, park, café) and start your learning today!




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