How to learn Russian speaking easily step by step

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How to learn Russian speaking easily step by step

Is it possible to Learn Russian speaking easily? Yes! With Speak Academy you can do it step by step!

The Russian language is widely spoken language and it is spoken by 260 million people around the world. The Russian language is not spoken only in Russia it is also spoken in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Israel, Ukraine, the Balkans and the USA.  The importance of speaking Russian can open you a lot of doors in the business world related to oil, translation, teaching, and others


The courses at the Speak Academy are for all


Our courses are for all people, for beginners and advanced language learners. Learning with the Speak Academy is a real adventure. You will enjoy it, we assure you! Our videos are vivid and interactive, you will be able to learn how to start everyday conversation in only three months. You will start with some basic things how to introduce yourself, to talk about hobbies, ask for direction, talk about your occupation etc. At the beginning, you will listen and follow our teacher instructions.

Learn Russian speaking easily

Don’t worry our videos are all subtitled it will be easy for you to follow them. When you fill tired from listening, take a break and play our learning games. You will test your knowledge, learn some new vocabulary and everyday phrases. If you wanted to learn Russian online you should follow steps from the Speak Academy.


Step number 1 – Don’t pay attention to Grammar too much and start with phrases


Russian grammar is really difficult. It is better for you (if you are a beginner) not to pay attention to grammar too much. We don’t say that is not important, of course it is, we are saying to put it behind until you handle the alphabet (they are using the Cyrillic script) and phrases that you’ll need for everyday conversation e.g. You may know the word Любить. Don’t learn it like the way you learn it in your school repeating over and over again to memorize it and to use it only when you need it. Start learning with phrases.

You will begin to learn at what point you need to use them. You should listen to our teachers what they telling to you and write down in your notebook all the phrases and vocabulary that you don’t understand and then, try to use them in a sentence.  It is better to remember them when you look at the situation and hear the phrase that fits the situation. Make as many sentences as you can. Our team of professionals at the Speak Academy will help you with everything. If you have some difficulties to learn it, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you!


Step number 2 – Expand your vocabulary with games


At the Speak Academy, we have prepared many learning games that can help you to learn the Russian vocabulary. Memory card games, quizzes, tests etc. Play it and learn it! It is all the mindset don’t think how you will say it in English or your mother tongue, set your mind and start to think like Russians. We can’t translate literally from English to Russian, you should use the Russian phrases. Read more, expose yourself, learn new words and try to use them with phrases.


Step number 3 – Learn how to have fluency

Learn Russian speaking easily

Do you want to speak Russian like native speakers? Then you need to work harder. You should practice every day. Don’t act like you are still a high school student. You are a grown-up person know. You supposed to know what are your goals and how to gain them. Make your own learning environment. If you are feeling comfortable to learn it from your home, then do it. Choose the comfortable chair, bring the desk that fits you, light up your room, open the window and let the fresh air in.

If you are relaxed and feeling comfortable you will be able to memorize it faster, Surround yourself with the Russian language. Use all the phrases that you’ve learned with our teachers and try to make a conversation. Talk about your interests, hobbies, about traveling, your occupation. Write it on the paper and read it like you are practicing a dialogue in some play in the theater.


Step number 4 – Make some friends



Today’s technology allows us to meet people using the social networks and forums. You should try to talk with native speakers to practice your conversation. You’ll never know maybe you can meet a friend there or find yourself a husband or wife. That would be a good love story to tell. Read some forums. There are a lot of people struggling with the same phrases, vocabulary, grammar rules like you do. Talk to them. Ask them a question!


 Step number 5 – Learn about Russian culture


Learn about the culture. There are many useful articles that you can find on the Internet to learn about the Russian history, the Russian culture, many writers that are the world wide known e.g. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, and many others. Learn about museums, art, the capital Russian city Moscow etc. If you like to travel then go and visit beautiful Russia. You will not be regretted. Russia will stay in your mind and your heart forever.

Learn Russian speaking easily

The colorful Saint Petersburg is the second largest city after Moscow. The most important places to visit in St. Petersburg are: Church of the Savior on Blood (one of the greatest landmarks of St. Petersburg, its striking facade leaves a memorable impression on visitors that come from around the world), St. Isaac’s Cathedral (one of Russia’s largest churches. Constructed in the 19th century, a French-born architect created this remarkable structure), Peterhof Palace (Peter the Great built this incredibly luxurious imperial palace. Situated by the Gulf of Finland, it was built in the early 18th century), Hermitage and many more.

Start your course at the Speak Academy today! Learn everything that you need to start a conversation and follow our steps! At the Speak Academy every day is an adventure. Join us!

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