Learn Russian online

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Learn Russian online

You may wondering, where to Learn Russian Online? The Speak Academy is an online learning platform that can help you to increase your lack of knowledge in the language that you want to study. On our unique and outstanding learning platform, you can take many different language courses, and one of them is the Russian language. The Russian language is the 8th most spoken language in the world. Not only that you will be in love with the Russian culture, rich history, incredible architecture and beautiful girls, you will also be in love with the Russian language.

You would like to visit Russia but you don’t know any Russian words

Taking the online course can help you a lot! You are too busy with your work, family, and other daily obligations, but you have a strong will to learn the Russian language and to learn how to communicate with people while you are spending time at beautiful Moskva, Saint Petersburg or any other place, the best way is to do it online.

You can do it from your office, your lovely home, favorite restaurant or from the park, sitting on your favorite bench.


Start with the vocabulary


The best way to start with learning Russian is to learn the vocabulary. How can you do that?

When you start taking the Russian course at the Speak Academy we will show you the a very convenient method of learning that will help you to learn fast and to find out everything that you need to know to make an everyday conversation. If you already have some knowledge of the Russian language, you can take the course that is suitable to your level.


Take a Russian course at the Speak Academy


If you think that learning languages online is the same on every online language platform, you are wrong. Learning at the Speak Academy is different. How?  Here at the Speak Academy, learning is much easier, faster and playful. You can have fun while you are learning your desired language.  We have prepared many creative methods and different approaches to our language learners that will help them to increase their knowledge in the desired language. Our Russian language course is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their Russian language and to remove their accent. We have the material for beginners and for advanced students.


Learn phrases, not only single words


You can learn the Russian vocabulary in the shortest time while you are playing games. At the Speak Academy, we have many different games and one of them is a Memory card game.  The Memory card game is a game of concentration.  It will help you to revise and learn new words while you are having fun. For example, we can choose some topic for you that will be very useful to use in your everyday conversation e.g. Occupations (student, teacher, police officer, dentist, nurse, doctor, soldier, businessman etc.).

This game can also help you to learn how to form a sentence using phrases e.g. when you reverse the card, on the background you will have the sentence that will consider the word that you read on the cover side (police officer) Jack is a police officer. He is working in a police station. When you finish playing the game you can review the vocabulary and you can try to use the phrase and to try to answer a question: What is your occupation and where do you work (company, school, hospital…)?


Try it with music!

Music can help you with learning. You can learn useful phrases and vocabulary while you are listening to beautiful sounds of Russian music. Maybe you are already familiar with some Russian songs such as Kalinka, Vinovata li ya and many others. You can learn a lot from their lyrics and try to practice pronunciation.


Interactive learning


Reading and listening are not enough if you want to have fluency. The best way to practice your speaking skills is to talk to real people. However, sometimes this can’t be possible due to various reasons (you are working too much, can’t find the people who are on the same level as you are, your friends are not interested in the same language and so on), then, you should try with our interactive videos. Here you are going to learn phrases and vocabularies and you are going to practice your speaking skills with our incredible teachers.

One more thing that will make your learning easier is that all videos are subtitled so you don’t need to translate the words from Russian to English using some online translate programs that will probably not going to translate the exact meaning of the word.  We told you at the beginning that we are different!


Talking to yourself can help


You can say that this method of practicing is a bit odd, but who cares if it is useful! You can review all the things that you have learned at the Speak Academy, Russian course. Write all the phrases and try to make your own monologue. Those are your 5 minutes! Show what you have learned! Like you are preparing yourself for some speech. Try to introduce yourself, talk about your interests, and plans for the future, your hobbies, and places that you would like to visit, about your occupation. You can do that in front of the mirror or you can call your friends or family and try to read that speech in front of them. That can boost your confidence and you will be very proud of yourself because you did it on your own.


 Make your environment more comfortable for learning


You can forget about uncomfortable chairs that you already have at your office in which you are sitting almost every day. You can do it from your warmly, lovely home and you can make your own learning environment. It is important to feel comfortable. It is also important that your learning environment is making you happy. So, choose the desk that suits you, light your room, open your window and let the fresh air in. Are you ready for your online Russian course? Let’s start!


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