Learn Russian online for adults

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Learn Russian online for adults

Let’s speak about title Learn Russian online for adults. If you want to learn the Russian language than we can say that you are in the right place. Either you need the Russian for your next holiday, job or you want to become a great Russian speaker we have everything that you need to start your learning with our course for adult learners.,. Join us at the Speak Academy and take our Russian speaking course today. We assure you that you will improve your speaking in less than three months.

The Russian language is not that difficult and there are a lot of words that are similar to the English language but it sounds different. It is widely spoken language and not only in Russia, you can hear it in other countries, too. It is one of the most beautiful languages and it is worth of effort. If you decided to study Russian it can change your life forever. The Russian language can open you a lot of doors in a business word and you will be more than satisfied to build the career in one of the strongest countries in the world.


Beginner course at the Speak Academy


If this is your first time to meet with Russian than our advice is to take our beginner course for adult learners.  The best of all is that you don’t need to leave your home or office you can take our speaking course online. In our first lesson, you will learn about the alphabet and how to pronounce the letters correctly. If you are able to sound out letters and words in Russia than you have a huge advantage. You will not have any difficulties to learn how to pronounce the words on the way that native speakers can understand.

Next lesson will be about phrases that we use in everyday conversation. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to introduce yourself and to order your self a food or a drink if you are in Russia. We have audio and video lessons recorded by professionals. All our teachers are natives and you should follow their instructors.




Everybody is saying that Russian grammar is very difficult to learn. It is no difficult than English, German or French. Sometimes the Russian grammar is not clearly understood. At the Speak Academy while you are taking our online course for adult learners we will learn you all the useful thing that you need to know about Russian grammar without being too technical. You will learn some basic rules just to put you on the right path. But when you are starting to learn Russian you should forget about grammar rules for a while.

First, you need to learn how to pronounce the letters and then to learn phrases. Phrases are just wording they are not completed sentences. Without grammar, you can’t form a complete sentence. For a basic conversation, you will need just words and phrases. If you know how to say “thirsty” in Russian everybody will understand that you are looking for a bar or a restaurant and show you where it is.


Russian games for adult learners


At the Speak Academy, we have many learning games that can help you to improve your conversation. How can games help you? Easily. It will help you to expand your vocabulary, to learn how to form a sentence and you can use the same formation with a different vocabulary. We have many different games such as Memory card game, puzzles, quizzes and so on.


Read, listen and repeat


To expand your vocabulary, you will need to read some texts, articles, newspapers or very topic that you like to read in your mother tongue you can find It in Russian, too.  If you like to travel then start to search for articles and blogs on the Internet that suits you. You can learn many vocabularies you can try to form a sentence with words that you’ve learned. Listen to our teachers and their pronunciation. Repeat after them. Try to pronounce the words correctly.

It will be difficult at the beginning but after a while when words starting to be a part of you it will be easy to learn and to understand the Russian language. Maybe you will think that you will sound like a broken record doing all that repeating. Well, to learn to pronounce the words correctly you will need to repeat as many times you need it. Don’t worry that will be just in your beginning course. As soon as you learn how to sound out all the letters and to pronounce the words correctly, you will be able to read more complexed sentences and to understand them, It is important to be persistent in your learning. Don’t give up!


Music and lyrics, film and subtitles


If you like to listen to Russian songs such as Kalinka, Vinovata li ya and so on You can find the lyrics of the songs and try to learn it. If you are not familiar with some of the words you can always find their meaning using the online dictionary. Watch some Russian movies and learn about slang. Don’t put English subtitle you will understand much better if you add a Russian subtitle. You will increase your knowledge and you will learn how to pronounce the words.


There are many interesting ways to learn your Russian. You can read books or take the course, watch the movies or listen to the songs or you can just take our Russian course at the Speak Academy and we will provide you with all material that you need to expand your vocabulary, grammar and to practice and learn how to pronounce the words correctly. You just need to have a strong will to learn. Now when everything is easily accessible on the Internet you can improve your Russian very fast. Then what are you waiting for? Start your learning today! We are waiting for you!



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