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We build awesome courses for your learning

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Our online learning platform includes


Memory games and tests

Official test for Certificate

Certificate of completion


Video Lessons

Video captions in 49 Languages

Photo Vocabulary


Grammar explanation

Online quizzes

Vocabulary building tools

We offer you a unique language-learning experience

Support 24/7

Use our free online resources and get instant feedback 24/7

Speak a new language

Learn to speak a new language spontaneously by actively participating in real-life situations


Take an online test and obtain the official certificate of completion.

 Online courses

Take the course from the comfort of your home, planning your study time around the rest of your day.


Easy to Use


To sum things up- languages can pay off in numerous ways. If you don’t speak a foreign language already, there is no reason for you not to change this. At Speak Academy, you can easily learn English, Spanish, Italian, Serbian or Russian.

New language means learning new words

Travelling through a foreign country becomes much easier if you can speak the language of that country. But it doesn’t stop there. Learning a second language will improve your memory, decision-making and creativity. Language is all about processing. When you hear new words, your brain breaks them down to sounds and deciphers them. It turns out that you can use the same processing skills do solve other problems more easily.

Learning a foreign language

Roughly 1.2 billion people are currently learning a foreign language. Why? Because in today’s world of globalization a foreign language is a passport for success. Regardless of the career you pursue, you will be more attractive to an employer if you are bilingual. When entering a university, foreign language skills are often a deciding factor.

    New Language Courses 

    Our method

    Our method is based on complete immersion in the new language: first you listen, then you understand, and finally you read and speak. We designed our courses as short and intense video lessons, taught in the target language and aided by the visual support so to create an ideal learning environment. Communication is adapted to real-life scenarios so that you naturally start connecting words and situations. You first watch our engaging video lessons, where you focus on listening and understanding, then move to practicing speaking and pronunciation skills. This is then reinforced by completing a set of interactive exercises focused on reading and writing. Regardless of your knowledge level or what you have previously learned, our courses will fit your needs and give you confidence speaking in your new language.

     Language Learning courses 

    Our courses

    Our courses integrate the innovative learning techniques that will get you speaking in the new language from your first lesson. The focus is on the content, rather than on the form, and you will develop your conversational skills through real-life examples. With our platform, you will immediately start to think in a foreign language, without making an effort. You will build your confidence when speaking through our online practice tools, available at your convenience. Our tutors are trained university teachers and you are guaranteed to receive the highest-quality service made to suit your needs.


    Our tutorial

    The most important thing about Speak Academy is that your learning experience is completely personalized. You can study anywhere, anytime.  You can learn from work or the comfort of your home; you can also take a course anytime you want. When you enter a course, you are given a three months period to take the final test. In this timeframe, you have limitless access to video lessons and online practice tools. Once you pass the test, we will have the official Speak Academy certificate of completion delivered to your address.

    In case you fail to pass the test for the chosen level after a three-month period, Speak Academy grants you 3 additional months to retake the course and obtain the certificate of completion.

    Check out tutorial for our online courses!

    Speak Academy for Companies

    A learning solution for teams

    Contact us for more details

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    A learning solution for teams

    On-demand learning for growing teams of 5-20 users.

    We offer packages up to 35% off !


    of our users successfully complete the chosen course and obtain Speak-Academy certificate.

    of the users who successfully completed a course use the new language at work.

    of the users who finalized a language course continued learning at Speak Academy.


    Starting with our video lessons, you learn new language and vocabulary in a fun and easy way. They offer high-quality production and materials that are engaging and motivating. Instead of focusing on grammar and reading, you will engage in listening and speaking and develop the natural inclination to speaking in a desired language.

    Our online practice tools upgrade your speaking skills. The vocabulary building tools expand your vocabulary and there is no classroom distraction factor if you are shy.

    Interactive games and quizzes can be completed at all times online and you receive instant feedback.  This way you can check your progress and focus on areas where you need more practice.

    We hire the best professionals to help you learn! Our video lessons are delivered by native level language teachers who will inspire you to achieve your goal. They are dynamic, they make learning fun and they are committed to offering an entertaining learning experience.




    See what our customers say about us

    I’ve been learning English with Speak Academy for 3 months now and I’m really loving the experience. I haven’t taken language lessons before because of my busy schedule.  I am very satisfied with the professional tutors and online resources- a great way to learn a new language!



    English Course

    I’ve been learning Italian with Speak Academy for several months now and I couldn’t be happier with the program. There are numerous possibilities to accelerate the learning process, and the lovely tutors helped bring the whole experience to life! I really feel I’m making progress! A fantastic platform! 


    Italian Course

    I have just completed a Spanish course with Speak Academy and I am enrolling into an advanced one! I had a pretty poor teachers at school, and never taught learning a new language could be so effortless! The teachers are professional and enthusiastic, and I can’t get enough of online quizzes! The best of all is the instant feedback- I’d recommend Speak Academy to anyone!


    Spanish Course


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    Speak Academy is an online learning platform offering video courses taught by industry experts in language learning.

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