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Our Learning Methods

Some people take up a new language because of their love for it, and others do it out of necessity. That’s why we want to provide the option of guidelines – helpful suggestions of goals accommodating to both a more easy-going rhythm, and ones that are more demanding.

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Why you should choose Us?


Speak Academy is specialized online website for languages learning purposes. Lessons are created for engaging and progressive learning process with interesting content, such as video lectures, puzzles, quizzes and also small games.

Content of our course is optimized for users to be able to master the desired language in the shortest time possible. The videos and lessons were created in partnership with professors and tutors to create the best learning program.


We strive to provide only well-rounded materials, which include video lessons, tests, pronunciation exercises, and much more. One could say that all sites have the same learning methods, but we at Speak Academy do our best to provide you with the most personalised and engaging ways of learning a new language.


If you are someone that has some level of knowledge on the language you want to learn more thoroughly, but aren't sure what that level is, we provide tests that can help you figure out what your strong suits are, and where you could do with a bit of an improvement. You can always choose which tests, exercises, lessons and quizzes you want to do from whatever area you choose.


As we grow and develop, we hope we will create a large community for our users, which will result in users helping each other, in addition to our team. Whether by native speakers interacting with those that want to learn their language, or those that are more advanced in their second language helping out the ones that are just starting to learn.

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