How to learn Italian speaking easily step by step

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How to learn Italian speaking easily step by step

Why should you take Learn Italian speaking course? Because The Italian language is very passionate and easy to learn. There are not a lot of rules that you need to learn how to follow. The Speak Academy will give you some advices on how can you learn Italian easily step by step.



The Italian-speaking course at the Speak Academy


Thankfully, the technology has increased and now you can learn any language without leaving your home or office. You can take your Italian speaking course online. It is important to have internet, laptop, tablet or your smartphone and to choose the environment that is suitable for you. On our Italian-speaking course, you will learn many useful and practical things that you will need in everyday conversation. Our materials are carefully chosen by professionals and it will help you to increase your knowledge in the shortest time. All our videos are subtitled so it will be easy for you to follow our teacher.





If you are a beginner, you will probably be thinking about where to focus your attention? On vocabulary, grammar, phrases or pronunciation? Our advice is to start with basic words. If you are traveling to Italy and you are feeling hungry if you know how to pronounce the word “mangiare” (eat) someone will help you to find a restaurant. See, you don’t need to make sentences, for the beginning it is enough to know the crucial words that you will need every day e.g. eat, thirsty, toilet…Also, it is very important to memorize words with correct pronunciation. If you don’t pronounce the words correctly it will be useless. Imagine that you have been learned 40 words in Italian that are incomprehensible in Italy because of the bad pronunciation. At the Speak Academy, we have many useful exercises that will help you to improve your pronunciation.

Watch our videos and pay attention to the words that our teacher is saying. Also, it is useful to use an online dictionary, most of them are offering a possibility of listening so you will be able to hear the correct pronunciation.


Use phrases



When you learn some basic words, you can learn phrases e.g. Good morning! Buon Giorno. Excuse me- Mi scusi. Repeat them as many times as you need until they become a part of you. Phrases are very useful in everyday communication so it is better to memorize them. Pay attention to pronunciation.





Grammar is very important in every language. We don’t say that you need to focus on the grammar immediately, but you will need to learn it because it is a backbone of the language. Yes, you learned some words and phrases e.g.”bisogno acqua” (need water) but actually, you didn’t form a sentence where you just learn words that are understandable. You need a grammar to form a sentence, to make a complete sentence. When you learn all the rules, you will be able to share your thoughts and you will not have any problem with communication.




Grammar and vocabulary are important but you should also pay attention to syntax. The syntax is crucial in the Italian language because it will learn you the word order in a sentence. The syntax will put some words together that will be understandable to Italian people. You’ve been able to express yourself on the way that Italian people do.


Learn with games



If you like to play games this will be a great way of learning for you. At the Speak Academy, while you are taking our Italian speaking course you will play some learning games that will help you to learn vocabulary and phrases. You can enjoy in a memory card game, quizzes, puzzles, tests e.g. typing test will increase your knowledge, expand your vocabulary and it will improve your writing skills. Learning with the Speak Academy is a real adventure like a ride on the roller coaster.

Of course, that you will have up and down days, but it is important not to give up! You can always set the goals for yourself. Why do I learn Italian? Do you need it for your job, traveling, or you just want to improve yourself it is important to do it on the right way. Follow our rules and enjoy in  your ride. You will love it!


Reading, listening and repeating


It is important to listen to our teacher, repeat what he or she says and try to use the same sentence structure with a different vocabulary. If you don’t understand something then, write it down on some piece of paper and try to find its meaning. You can use an online dictionary or you can send us an email. Our team of professionals will help you.   You can expand your vocabulary reading some articles, news, magazines and so on. Also, at the Speak Academy, we have prepared many useful texts that will help you to increase your knowledge of the Italian language.


Practice with a friend


The best way to improve your communication skills is to practice with a real person. Ask your friend to help you.  Write down some dialogue between two persons and choose a topic that you are like. You can talk about your hobbies, your job, traveling etc. If you don’t have a friend who is speaking the Italian language, then, you can always find some natives on the social networks or forums. Try to communicate with them on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or some other way. Practice every day and you will be able to improve your speaking in only three months.

Learn Italian speaking


Now when you know where and how to start don’t wait too long and join us today! The Italian speaking course at the Speak Academy is the best solution to improve your speaking in the shortest time.

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