Learn Italian speaking online

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Learn Italian speaking online

Why do you Learn Italian speaking online if not to use it? If you know the English language then Italian will be a piece of cake for you.  There are a lot of similarities between English and Italian so it is not going to be difficult for you to memorize it. Now when you have all the possibilities to increase your Italian without leaving your home or office don’t waste your time and start to learn Italian at the Speak Academy. Here are some advice how you can improve your speaking in less than 3 months. You think that learning Italian fast it seems like not possible but we are here to tell you that everything is possible when you have a strong will to learn it and a good strategy.


Read everything that you like


Why is reading important? Because in newspapers, classic literature, websites, emails you can find many juicy vocabularies as well as the number of words that you already know. Learning new Italian words and expressions are essential to building up your vocabulary arsenal. You will be able to form sentences by yourself and you will expand your vocabulary.


When you are a beginner

If this is your first time to learn Italian then you should start with the alphabet and phrases. Phrases will help you to form basic sentences. When you learn how to sound out all the letters you will be able to read the words. Our advice is to write every single word that you have learned at our online Italian speaking course and at the same time, you will practice your handwriting.


Go abroad


If you have any chance to visit Italy do not hesitate! You will be thrilled with their culture, food, incredible architecture and wonderful nature. There is no better way to learn your Italian than being immersed in it while you are spending time in Italy. Listen carefully how they pronounce the words and try to study their behavior.  Learn how to think like Italian. Surround yourself with Italian and enjoy every sight. You will fell in love immediately. If you are a lady you will get a lot of compliments from man. Just put a smile on your face and say Grazie-thank you! (expression of gratitude).


Work hard and play hard


Learning Italian is going to be much fun if you learn it through games. At the Speak Academy, we have prepared for you many interesting learning games that can help you to expand your vocabulary and your speaking. A lot of games have the possibility to play the sound so you can learn how to pronounce the word correctly. Write down every word that is not familiar to you. Try to define the word using the online dictionary. You will have a lot of fun while you are playing our games and you will not have a feeling like you are studying while you are still learning.  Games can help you a lot! Also, you can play games with your friends. If you like to compete this will be a good task for you. Try to write as many words as you can on a paper. You will have one minute and then check your score. Did you beat your friend’s score or not? If you take our Italian speaking course you will be able to beat anyone’s score. We will learn you all the words that Italian people are using in everyday conversation. Play to learn!


Listen to Italian songs


If you like music, find some Italian songs and look up for the lyrics. You can expand your vocabulary and you can learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Sometimes we can pronounce the words like a native speaker when we sing. This is a very convenient method of practicing. It will be also good to use new vocabulary in sentences. To make a more complexed sentence you will need to learn the grammar rules. When you start to learn Italian, forget about grammar. It will slow you down because you will be focused too much on the rules and you will not be able to make a good sentence and your speaking will be limited. Use phrases! Phrases will help you to form basic sentences and you will be able to speak more fluently.


Spend more time in learning


How much time will you need to spend to learn Italian fast? A lot.  Make Italian a priority and learn it while you are doing other things. E.g. If you are cooking then try to name all the ingredients that you put in the pot or while you are in the office try to describe all the things that you can see at your office. Or listening to the audio lessons while you are commuting to work. There are many ways to learn your Italian language. You just need to set your goals and find yourself a good motivation. Why do you want to learn Italian? Find a good reason and start your learning today! If there is a will there is a way!


Enjoy while you are learning


If you are not engaged then you are not open to learning. It is difficult to learn things that don’t interest you. Stop doing that! Don’t waste your time! Find the topic that you like e.g. if you want to learn your Italian because you would like to visit Italy then focus on the travel vocabulary.  The most important thing is to make your own schedule and to do things that are sustainable. Be persistent and never give up! You can improve your speaking skills in less then 3 months if you practice your Italian every day. Our Italian speaking course at the Speak Academy will give you all the material that you need to increase your knowledge of Italian in the shortest possible time. Learn how to speak fluently and follow our teachers. They will show you tricks on how to learn grammar easily. Join us today and you will not be regretted!


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