Learn Italian online for adults

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Learn Italian online for adults

How to Learn Italian online for adults you wondering? Now when you are adult and you have a thousand obligations and problems on your mind daily, your perception of learning is different. You don’t want to sit in a classroom like you are in a high school and to do all that repeating. The best solution for you is to take the online Italian course for adult learners at the Speak Academy. It will save your valuable time and it will help you to increase your knowledge of Italian in less than three months.

You think that is not possible? Well, you didn’t try with us! Our course is specialized to improve your speaking skills in less than 3 months. You will learn the vocabulary that we are using in everyday conversation. You will be able to start a conversation, and to learn how to use phrases and to pronounce the words on the way that native speakers can understand you. Italian language is not difficult for learning but the pronunciation is. If you don’t pronounce the words correctly nobody will understand you.


Pronunciation practice

To learn how to pronounce the words correctly you will need to focus on vowels. You don’t need to worry how consonants are difficult to say, Italian people will not care if your “r” is not strong. What you must learn in Italian is those vibes sounds. We want to be sure that those 5 vowels are very open and you can stretch them out as long as you wanted. You can’t do that with English vowels but you can do it with Italian (a,e,I,o,u).Repeat after our teacher this will be a good start for you if you are a beginner to learn how do we pronounce vowels correctly. Italian pronunciation is tricky.

Think like Italian


You have probably visited Italy already, if not, our advice is to that.

You don’t need to sit there 3 months (it will be great if you can) but you can go and visit Italy for a couple of days.  Learn about their culture, delicious food, history. You can enjoy drinking wine in sunny Toscana while you are having a beautiful sight on the hills and fields. Try to set your mind to think like Italian. They are really passionate people and when they are explaining you something they are using a lot of hand moves. Also, they are really loud and you will be thinking probably that they are yelling all the time. That’s the way they are talking. Surround yourself with Italian and learn how to pronounce the words correctly.

You can practice with words and phrases that you’ve learned at our course and try to ask for a direction or try to introduce yourself they will appreciate that. In Italy you can’t hear anyone that is speaking English so, it is better to go prepared. Learn the basics and for beginning that will be enough to start a basic conversation. If you want to have fluency and use a much more complexed sentences you will need to finish Intermediate and advanced level.


Practice every day


The crucial thing to learn your Italian is to practice every day. If you are lazy and today you learn and next three days you don’t do anything you can’t expect any results. You will need 3 years of practicing to succeed to finish basics and about intermediate and advanced level? Find yourself a motivation. Why do you want to learn Italian? Set your goals and be persistent. We know that learning is not interesting and you already have a lot of daily obligations to do. Take a break of your studying with our learning games for adults.

You will having fun while you are learning. There are a lot of games at the Speak Academy that can help you to understand Italian better. You will expand your vocabulary with our memory card game and you will improve your writing with typing game. Forget about acting like a Sloth and looking at the empty spot, that will not help you to accomplish anything, it will slow you down. Play to learn!


Self-study course


If you don’t have time for tutoring and you don’t want to have a schedule because sometimes you will stay longer on your work than you expected to finish the task or your child will be sick and you can’t take the class that is already scheduled, then, the best solution for you is to take a self-study course at the Speak Academy. You will make your own schedule, you don’t need to explain why you didn’t come or to pay for the class that you didn’t have. Save your money and your time!

You can always continue from the last time that you stopped. You will have the same learning material but you will do it on your own. If you are thinking how you are going to practice your conversation when there is no one who will correct your mistakes? Just follow our teacher instructions. You will have a lot of conversational practices and you can always record yourself while you are speaking. Don’t forget that is OK to make mistakes. After all we are learning from our mistakes. As soon as you are able to recognized your mistakes that means that you are on a right path to become a master in Italian.




Italian grammar is not hard and you will learn it easily. But for beginning it is better to put it behind a while, until you don’t learn how to pronounce the letters correctly and to learn phrases. The grammar rules can slow you down in your speaking. You will be focused too much on rules and how to form a sentence and you will not be able to speak fluently. First learn the vocabulary and phrases and then, focus on grammar. It is important to learn how to speak in Italian. Why do you learn the language if not to use it?



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