Learn Italian fast

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Learn Italian fast

Would you like to learn Italian in less than 3 months? How’s that even possible? Well, here we like to say that nothing is impossible. You can learn Italian in 3 months.  You can try our Italian course at the Speak Academy. We will give you 8 tips on how to learn Italian quickly.

learn Italian

You need to know your shortcuts

What does this mean? Well, we all know that words which are ending with a are feminine (LA RAGAZZA – A GIRL) and words that ending with o are masculine (IL RAGAZZO – A BOY).  Tips like these will help you to learn Italian faster.  So, learn the tricks!  It will make your learning easier.


Learn the grammar


There are a lot of things that you can find in the Italian language which also exist in the English language. Italian grammar is not as difficult as English grammar, and therefore, it is going to be easier to learn it. There are not a lot of rules that you supposed to learn how to follow. E.g., Imperffeto or Passato prossimo is similar to The Past Simple Tense. It is one of several past tenses in the Italian language which you are going to use the most.  And when you are already familiar with some of the similarities you will need to focus on the differences. That will make your learning easier and quicker.


Make Italian friends


We all know that the best way to practice your conversation is to talk to the natives. Make some Italian friends and start to talk! There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in the classroom with people who all speak a different language laughing, having jokes, and you are not being able to understand them. But after a while, the more you listen to them the more things you will understand. After the few months, you will be able to interject a few times, you will be able to share your thoughts.


If you are not surrounded by natives, then you can make some friends through social networks or forums. Ask them for help, try to chat with them and practice your writing skills.


Learn it Online

For people that are busy most of the time and don’t have time for learning Italian at some private school, which is maybe too far from their home or office, the best way to learn it is through Online learning.

The Speak Academy is an online learning platform for learning language purposes. Here you can choose the course that is suitable for your level of knowledge. If you are not sure what that level is, we will give you a level placement test. This process will make your learning easier, because you can focus on things that you don’t understand well and you will learn it from the material that is suitable to your level of knowledge.


Learn the Italian pronunciation


The best way to learn the Italian pronunciation is to listen to the natives. At the Speak Academy all our teachers are natives and we have prepared for you a lot of high-quality materials and interactive videos that will explain all the details and give you some useful instructions on how to learn Italian pronunciation the quickest way. Well, we are not going to reveal all our tricks. You should take our online Italian course and find out by yourself.


Writing skills


You already speak Italian very well, but your writing skills are not that good. There is a solution to that problem, too! At the Speak Academy, we have a typing test that will help you to learn the vocabulary and help you to improve your writing skills. How?

You will have one minute to type as many words as you can. In the beginning, there will be only a few words, but the more you practice, the quicker and better you will become.  It is also a good idea to have someone that speaks Italian better than you.

This person can help you to read some texts, or you can do a dictation, just like the on you did when you were in school.  But if you don’t have friends like that, then, the best solution for you is to do it online and to take the typing test.


You have problems with reading

learn Italian 

You have good speaking skills but your reading is bad. How to improve it? Everything is about practice.

Start with some easy things to read. E.g. You can start with some children’s books about animals or you can read some Italian poems. First, start with children poems. The words are simple and the rhymes are interesting and funny. If you prefer love poems, then you should start with things that you like. Read as many times as you need to, and record yourself. You will be aware of your mistakes and you can improve yourself with practice. At the Speak Academy, we will give you many useful texts that can improve your reading skills and you will be able to practice them using our app or an online platform. Our texts are carefully chosen for the suitable level of your knowledge of the desired language. Those are words that are commonly used in daily conversations.


Repeating is important


While you are listening to our audio lessons, you should repeat after your teacher. All our videos are subtitled so you will be able to follow the lessons easily. If not, you can always contact us for help.  Don’t worry, we will not just do repetition, our online course has many interactive lessons that will teach you useful phrases which we are using in everyday situations. You will acquire all the knowledge you need to become a master in fluency. You just need to work hard and to play hard! We didn’t say it was easy, we are giving you advice on how you can improve yourself quicker than usual. It is possible to learn it in 3 months if you give a hundred percent and if you don’t give up!  Learn from your mistakes, don’t allow them to discourage you!


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