Learn Italian conversation

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Learn Italian conversation

Learn Italian conversation is easy. Being bilingual is the most beautiful thing on this planet. When you are able to start a conversation with a native speaker on the way that he or she understands is the best feeling ever. The Italian language is not difficult to learn and to understand it. It is important to learn how to pronounce the words in the right way. Our Italian course at the Speak Academy will help you to improve speaking skills and to learn how to pronounce the words correctly with our pronunciation exercises.



Conversation practice


First, we need to learn the Italian alphabet, words, and phrases, then to focus on grammar. Phrases will help you to learn how to form basic sentences. That sentence will not be a complete one because without grammar we can’t do much but it will be enough for your start. You will have all the material that you need (audio, video lessons, games, tests and so on) with focus on how to improve your speaking in the shortest possible time.  We will show you all the tricks on how to learn it fast and with our Italians speaking course at the Speak Academy, you will be able to learn how to start a conversation in less than 3 months.

Learn words and phrases



For the beginning, it will be enough to learn how to pronounce all the Italian letters and to learn some basic words. When you learn 50 words based on the everyday conversation you will start to learn phrases. Everyone should learn phrases before they go to visit Italy. Being polite is always important not only in Italy also anywhere else in the world. The following words and phrases are commonly used in the Italian language and it is a polite way of speaking.


sì (yes)


no (no)


per favore; per piacere; per cortesia (please)


Grazie (Thank you)


Molte grazie (Thank you very much.)


Prego! (You’re welcome!)


Si figuri! (It’s nothing.)


Mi scusi. (Excuse me.)


When you learn all these phrases and how to express yourself in a polite way, you can focus on personal pronouns. In the Italian language personal pronounce are complicated especially when we are talking about (you and they) which are complicated by gender and formality.


Io (I)


lui (he)


lei (she)


noi (we)


tu (you [singular])


lei (you [singular/formal])


voi (you (plural/informal])


Travel abroad


When you handle your first steps in Italian it will be good for you to travel to Italy. Surround yourself with the Italian language, start to think like Italian. Read about their culture, history, food, music, art and try to start a conversation with Italian. In this way, you can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary. Italians are very passionate people and when they start to explain you something they will follow their speaking with a gesticulation. That is interesting to see. Also, if you are a lady, don’t be surprised when man start to whistle and saying “Ciao Bella” (Hello Beautiful).  You will get a lot of compliments and it will be easy to memorize them. Spend some time in Italy, try their delicious food and drink espresso like a real Italian.


Practice your writing skills


Well, we don’t want to be illiterate and to know only how to speak and not to write. It is the 21st century that is not allowed. To improve your writing skills, you should write down in your notebook every word that you have learned. Letter by letter until you not succeed. At the Speak Academy, we have prepared for you a typing test. Typing test will help you to improve your vocabulary and it will learn you how to write the words. Also, will increase your typing speed. It is OK to make mistakes, don’t be afraid of your mistakes and don’t allow them  to discourage you. Read carefully word by word and write them down.



Write a speech


If you don’t have Italian friends or friends that are having interest to learn Italian then, the best way to practice your conversation is to talk to yourself. Write down in your notebook some dialogue between two persons and try to play both roles. Like you are practicing for some speech.  Try it in front of the mirror. Record yourself while you are speaking and when you finish, you can play the video and hear yourself how do you pronounce the words. Are your sentences are completed and do you sound like a native speaker?

Learn Italian conversationPractice your writing and speaking every day. You will have a lot of fun while you are playing our typing games. Learn from your mistakes and never give up. Ofc there will always be good and bad days. In some of days you will be able to memorize all the words and some of them will be less successful but that doesn’t mean that you need to quit the studying program. You don’t stop breathing when your life starts to be difficult.

You learn how to handle difficult situations. Where is a problem there is a solution to everything. It is the same when you are learning the language. If you hit the obstacle you will not act like a baby and started to cry. You need to learn how to deal with a situation. All our video material is subtitled and you can play it over and over again until you are not certain that you understand it well.


Take an online course


Take the online course at the Speak Academy and you will not be regretted. The online course will save your money and your valuable time because you can do it from every single place that makes you feel comfortable. That can be your office, house or library it depends on you. Find your perfect spot, make yourself comfortable and start your learning.  You will see your first results in less than two weeks. All our teachers are well educated with long experience of teaching and they will help you to improve your conversation in three months. Practice every day!



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