How to learn English speaking easily step by step

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How to learn English speaking easily step by step

You want to Learn English speaking or improve your knowledge but you don’t know how to start? When you are trying to learn new language there is a lot of materials to cover: grammar, vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation etc. The Speak Academy will show you some tricks how to learn English speaking easily step by step.


Where do I start?

Learn English speaking

Grammar, phrases or speaking? Yes, they are important but if you don’t know how to say “hungry” You are going to die because you don’t have enough food. Basic information for a beginner is vocabulary. Why? If you meet some English-speaking person and you say “drink” that person will understand what you are looking for and it will say “Oh, the bar is over there!” They use sentence and you will use a word. How can you learn the vocabulary? Simple! Do what you love to do!


Learn vocabulary through games



If you like to play games then this task will not be difficult for you. Play some hidden object game. Hidden object games are very interesting for playing and you can learn many words. There a lot of different type of hidden object games e.g. hidden clue game, hidden number game, hidden alphabet game and many others. Also, at the Speak Academy there are a lot of learning games such as the memory card game, puzzle game, quizzes, test that will improve your knowledge of the English language.


Like the music?

Learn English speaking


You can learn vocabulary listening to music. You have noticed that some people can’t speak English but when they sing a song you start to think wow this guy is born here, he is a native. So, lyrics can help you. Find the lyrics of your favorite song and try to memorize it well. You will learn a lot of new vocabulary and phrases that you can use.


Get the meaning of the basic words


You should understanding the meaning of words that you are using (hungry, thirsty, toilet, money..) then you should learn phrases and how to use them in a sentence.

Improve your English speaking with movies

Learn English speaking


If you are a movie lover then you will enjoy learning English through films. You can watch your favorite move and learn new words. Is going to be easier to put the English subtitle instead of your mother tongue because maybe you didn’t hear well what actor said or you don’t know that word but you will like to learn it, then, pause your movie and write down that word. You can find the meaning and then try to use it in a sentence.


The best way for beginners is to start with the English-speaking course


The English-speaking course at the Speak Academy is the best way to start to learn English. We have prepared for you many interesting material, vivid video lessons, and tests that will help you to learn how to speak fluently in only three months. We will learn you all tricks that you need to know how to improve your English in the shortest possible time. In nowadays, when technology has increased, you can learn your English easily from your home or any other place where you feel comfortable. You just need the internet, comfortable chair, laptop, tablet or your smartphone and you can start. This is a very convenience method of learning for busy parents, careerist, travelers, businesspeople and others who don’t have a lot of time to drive to some private English school that is so far away from your office or home. First you will learn some vocabulary, then you will learn many useful phrases that native speakers are using in everyday conversation, then you will learn grammar and pronunciation. Learning with Speak Academy is a real adventure! You will enjoy it and the best of all is that you can learn it online.


Don’t be lazy practice your English every day


As adult learner you supposed to take this more seriously. We are not in the high school anymore and we are not teenagers, we know our goals and how to reach them. Practice your English every day. Listen to our teachers and follow their advices. After all, they are all professionals. Our videos are subtitled and it will be easy for you to follow them. You can play the video as many times that you want. If there is something that you can’t understand, you can always contact us. Our team of professionals will help you.


Become an expert in English

Learn English speakingMany people are learning English for years and they still can’t learn how to pronounce the words properly. After our English-speaking course at the Speak Academy, you will be able to handle the basic conversation in only three months. You think that is impossible? Everything is possible! If you have strong will to learn and if you follow our teachers advices. This English course will give you a foundation you need to communicate more effectively and fluently in the shortest time. Our focus is to expand your vocabulary and to learn how to use it in phrases. You will become an expert in the English speaking and you will be proud because you did it by yourself.


Forget the rules


When you start to learn English, you should forget all the rules. Do you think is better to memorize all the words or to understand them and to speak them? You should start thinking like a child. When we were little, we learned our first words because we copied the words that are parents was saying. Listen to our teachers, repeat after them over and over again until that sentence doesn’t become a part of you. Forget about rules, don’t think too much about grammar, and may it be easier! Focus on the topic that you need and learn all the words and phrases. After all, rules are meant to be broken!


Follow our steps and you will become an expert in English in the shortest time. Practice, practice, practice!

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