Learn English speaking online

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Learn English speaking online

Why you should take course Learn English speaking online? English is the International language, it is widely spoken and you can communicate with people from all part of the world. To improve your speaking skills, you don’t need to leave your house or office. Now when technology has increased you can take an online English-speaking course at the Speak Academy. We will do our best to improve your speaking in less than 3 months. Practicing your speaking is the most interesting part of learning.


Speaking part


You should be more confident and to use your English every time that is possible.  You can always find a person with who you can practice. As more you practice your speaking as better you will be in your pronunciation and vocabulary. If you are a beginner, and this is a first time that you learn English, you will need to start with the alphabet and how to sound out all the letters correctly. Then, you start with some basic words and phrases. At the Speak Academy, our online English-speaking course is focused on the words that we need for everyday conversation. Don’t waste your time learning everything. Focus on the words that you are using every day.


Use the technology


Now when technology has increased you can use even your smartphone for studying. You can easily enter on our online learning platform for language purposes and to take your English-speaking course. Also, it will be good to use your smartphone for recording. Use it to record yourself while you are speaking and you can listen back to see how your English sounds. Write down all the words that are difficult to pronounce and practice. In this way, you can practice your handwriting, too.


Listen carefully


You need to listen and to repeat after our teacher. Listening is the only way to improve your pronunciation. The more you listen the more you will learn! Try to listen to English songs and focus on the pronunciation. You can expand your vocabulary and you will improve your knowledge of English. You can also watch the news, movies and TV shows. Everything can help you. If you practice every day you will make a big progress in your spoken English. You will be able to say some words and to use phrases. This will boost your confidence and you will be proud of yourself.


Read out loud


As soon as you learn to sound out all the letters you will be able to read the words. It is better to read them out loud. This is a great exercise because you will be focused only on your pronunciation. You will learn how to pronounce words correctly and this exercise will make a big progress in your learning. You can try to read your favorite book, news, travel texts and many others. Don’t limit yourself! Now when you have the Internet everything is easily accessible and you can find every topic that you need.


Learn words every day

You should give yourself a task and learn at least 5-10 words per day. Also, it will be good to look up for the synonyms of each word. In this way, you will increase your vocabulary more quickly. When you learn new words, you should try to make some sentences. In the beginning, those sentences don’t need to be the perfect one. It is important to use phrases that you have learned on our English-speaking course. With phrases, you will be able to form some basic sentences. For the more complexed sentences, you will need grammar.


Do more activities in English


Take some cooking course in English or join the book club. Everything that you like to do you can do it in English. If you like to talk about dancing then try to explain those dancing steps in English. Focus on things that you like end your learning will have a positive outcome.




You can have a debate with your friends. Chose the topic that you like e.g. “How to save our planet?” and you can have a free talk. Try to say all the reasons why should we save our planet and how can we do that. Ask questions, be more curious and try to answer your friend’s questions. This is a good way to practice your speaking. If you don’t have friends or family members with who you can practice your English, you can always find some people on the social networks. Form a group and try to make conversation in English.

It is important to use your English every day. If you don’t do that, you will forget even what you have learned. Refresh your memory and make as many sentences as you can. Why do you learn English if not to use it? You can practice at your work, too. Whenever you have a break try to communicate in English with your colleagues. You can ask them about work and tasks they are doing, or you can try to name all the things that you have at your office. This is a good way to practice your speaking and to learn new words. Write down everything in your notebook.


Online speaking course

Our online English-speaking course at the Speak Academy will make a big progress in your learning. You will have a lot of fun while you are practicing your speaking with our teachers. Listen to their pronunciation and how they are forming sentences. Practice every day and you don’t need to worry about anything. You will see your results in two weeks. We will give you all the material that you need to improve your English in the shortest possible time. Take our online English-speaking course at the Speak Academy and you will not be regretted.  Be patient and never give up! If your dream is to be fluent in English we will do our best to make your dream come true! Join us today! You are more than welcome!


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