Learn English grammar online

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Learn English Grammar Online

Learn English Grammar Online. Pillars hold up roofs and bridges and it is the same with English grammar and English itself. If you want to learn English and to be as same level as a native speaker you will need to learn how to follow grammar rules.  In this text we are going to talk about learning English grammar online.

learn english grammar online


Learn English Tenses

learn english grammar online

For a conversation you will need to start with 3 Tenses

(Simple Past Tense, Simple Present Tense and Simple Future Tense).

When you learn how to use those tenses and how to recognized them in a sentence, speaking English is going to be much easier to you.

Here at the Speak Academy we have many useful materials that will help you to learn and to understand the rules of the English grammar.

After you learn the meaning, the Speak Academy prepared many tests and exercises that can help you to learn the grammar rules. We know that English grammar is very difficult and not so interesting but when you need a break from your learning play some interesting game that can help you with your vocabulary and grammar, too!



learn english grammar online

Prepositions indicate location. That is a word that goes before a noun, pronoun showing a relationship between two words in a sentence.

We can classify prepositions in 3 groups: prepositions of time, prepositions of place and other kinds of prepositions.


Using “In, on and at”

In, on, at are prepositions of time.

We use ‘In’ for months, seasons, year, morning, evening, period of time. E.g.  I visited Italy in September. In the evening I like to read a book.

Preposition “on” we are using for days, weekend e.g. See you on Monday! Is anything interesting happened on the weekend?

Preposition ‘at’ we are using for the exact or particular time, for holidays e.g. “Meet me at midnight!” “Everything is so colorful at Easter time” Be there at 9 PM!


Now, when you have learned all about prepositions you can check your knowledge and do the test. Fill in the blanks using in, on or at.

  1. ___________ September.
  2. ___________ 8 o’clock
  3. ___________ Friday


Useful videos and audio lessons to learn English Grammar Online


There are a plenty of useful videos that can help you and show you how to understand the English grammar and how to follow the rules. Listening is very important here. Listen the audio lessons that can help you to learn the rules and practice. It is important to have a strong willpower and to be patent. Those rules are difficult and not so understandable at the beginning but when you listen carefully and concentrate on the understanding, and try not to learn it as a poem, try to learn it by heart you will be able to follow those rules.


Online courses can help you a lot!

learn english grammar online

You want to learn English but you are a very busy person and you don’t have time to take private English courses at some school that is far away from your home and your work. That will demand a lot of your time and that is the only one thing that you don’t have. But there is also a solution for that, too! You can learn it Online. It is much interesting and convenient for busy people. So, how that looks!?


Self-study course at the Speak Academy

You can start a self-study course at the Speak Academy. We will give you a plenty of materials, texts, video and audio lessons. If you are a beginner even better! That will be a fresh start for you.  First you will start with vocabulary, then, you will have fun with memory games that can help you to form a sentence. Afterwards, when you learn the basics you will start with basic English grammar. E.g. singular and plural nouns.



Start with nouns (Singular and plural)


What is a noun? Noun can be a person, place or a thing. Nouns should be the first topic that you should learn.

Here we are going to give you some examples of nouns and how to use them in a sentence.

One dog (singular-that means only one)

Two dogs (plural-more than one)

One house

Two houses

She is a girl! (girl-noun)

He is a boy! (boy- noun)

After we finish with listening and reading we are going to practice it with games (memory, puzzle, quizzes)

When you finish with exercises you can do our tests. So, first listen and read all the material that we gave you. Afterwards, play games and do exercises. (there are no limits for practicing and listening. You can play audio lessons as many you need it). Then, tests. (to check your knowledge).


Learn English Grammar Online tutoring


Online tutoring is very useful. Here you have one teacher and small group of people (usually 3-4) or if you don’t want to share your classroom, you can always take 1 on 1 sessions. (Just you and a teacher), but that can be more expensive. The virtual classroom looks like you are doing everything in a Power point. You can see the teacher but teacher can’t see you. You have 12-15 slides of learning material and on the end, you are finishing with quizzes or tests to see what did you learned today. There are a lot of carefully chosen lessons that can teach you about grammar. E.g. If we had a lesson with nouns (plural and singular) we can have some Quiz -Write down the correct answer!

  1. There are 5 (dog, dogs) and one (cat, cats).
  2. Is that a (flower, flowers)?
  3. There are few (car, cars) on the road.



learn english grammar online

The Quiz can help you to learn and to understand English better. If you like to compete this is a great exercise to do it with your friend. At the Speak Academy we have many quizzes and learning games to practice your grammar and vocabulary.  We showed you how can we learn English grammar online and how can you do it yourself or choosing a tutor. It is your decision. Take online English course and increase your knowledge in English. Grammar can be difficult but it is good that you can play our lessons over and over again until you understand its meaning. Keep practicing!


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