Learn English online for adults

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Learn English online for adults

Learn English online for adults is very easy, you want to improve your English but you can’t see yourself sitting in some classroom like you are in High school again? Then, try our online English course for adult learners at the Speak Academy. It will help you to learn all the tricks how to improve it in less than 3 months. You just need to have the willpower to learn and you will be able to see your first results in less than two weeks.



Self-study course


Now when you are a grown-up person and when you learned how to find a good motivation for learning, it will be easier for you to take the online self-study course at the Speak Academy. If you are too busy with all those daily obligations that you have at your office and at your home, the self-study course is the best solution for you. You can make your own learning schedule. It will save your time and money because you don’t need to go anywhere and give the money for the public transportation or for gas for your car. You can do it from every place that can make you feel comfortable. It is just important to have a strong Internet connection your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you can start with your learning. We will provide with all the material that you need to increase your knowledge of English in the shortest possible time. Follow our teachers and be persistent.


Make yourself comfortable

If you don’t put yourself on pressure, you will be able to learn things much faster. When you sit in some room full of strangers and your teacher upon you, and you don’t know the answer, you will feel very embarrassed. That can affect your confidence and you will expose yourself to a stressful situation. When you are a grown-up, and you already have too much pressure at your work and your home, you don’t need to put yourself on more stressful situations. You can improve your English online by choosing the environment that makes you feel comfortable.


Learn your English through games


You can learn your English while you are playing our learning games for adult learners. Games can help you to improve your pronunciation and grammar, also, they will expand your vocabulary. That’s why we are calling them learning games. Play to learn! When you feel tired of studying and you can’t memorize anything, take a break with one of the many learning games at the Speak Academy. You will not have feeling like you are still studying, your brain will resting while it’s still learning. The brain will recognize the game as entertainment and not as a learning material. You will learn many new words, phrases, and grammar in this way.


 Follow our video lessons


While you are watching our video-lessons try to write down everything that our teacher said. Those notes can help you to form a sentence by yourself, using the same formation with different words. Try to introduce yourself. Talk about hobbies or your job using our phrases. Phrases can help you a lot. Our focus is to learn phrases that we are using in everyday conversation. Record yourself while you are reading and you can hear your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make them, after all, we are learning from our mistakes.


Practice with a friend


The best way to practice your conversation is to talk with a real person. Sometimes that is not possible because of many other reasons why. The English language is commonly spoken language and it is easy to find a person with who you can practice your conversation with. Everybody speaks English. Try to find a person that is on the same level as you are because if you talk to a person that is on the much higher level it can make you feel uncomfortable and your speaking will be limited because your focus will be on grammar. Grammar can slow you down.

You should put it behind until you don’t start to understand English properly.  It is the same thing when someone put a lot of pressure on you at your work and you can’t finish your task on time because you don’t feel comfortable. That’s why is good to find a person that is on the same level as you are. You will have a lot of fun while you are speaking, making mistakes and at the same time, you will studying. Take this studying course more seriously. You are a grown-up person now. You know your goals and if your goal is to learn English, then you should do more practice.




If you want to express all your thoughts without stopping and asking yourself what was the word? You should do more practice. Try to describe everything that you are seeing in your room e.g. In my room I can see a big cozy bed, bookshelves, carpet, curtains, desk, computer and so on. Then, try to name all the things that you can see inside your house. Learn how to describe them. This exercise can help you to improve fluency. You will expand your vocabulary and you will learn how to describe things with adjectives.

You can try to describe members of your family or your friends.

Also, reading can help you a lot. You can buy your favorite book in English and one in your mother tongue. Give yourself a task to learn at least 10 words daily. Write them down and try to use them in a sentence. There are plenty of exercises that we have prepared for you at the Speak Academy which are going to improve your speaking in less than 3 months.




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