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Learn English free online

If you love the English language and you want to become more fluently, you should start to Learn English free online. What do we know about the English language? It is widely spoken and understood by people in all parts of the world.  It is the third widely used language behind the Mandurian and Spanish.  You think that the English course is too expensive and you don’t like to go to sit all day in the classroom in some uncomfortable chair, then, take a self-study course at the Speak Academy. The best part of all is that the self-study course on our learning platform is 100% free. Now, when you know that you can increase your English, without leaving your home or office, and without spending any money, you can take our Free English online course at START IT from TODAY!

About us


The Speak Academy is a new online language learning platform. We are small but our dreams are big and we will make all of them come true. Clients satisfaction is one of our main goals. Is this your first time meeting with the English language? Don’t worry we will help you! The Speak Academy is led by professionals, well-educated people and highly respected professors that have been choosing the high-quality material to improve your spoken skills in the shortest time.


Practice your English every day!


Practice, practice, practice! No pain no gain! We didn’t say that learning English is easy, but it doesn’t mean that is going to be boring. First of all, you are learning it in the environment that you choose for yourself (your home, office, café or some other place that you like) where you feel comfortable and secure. The second, you can practice with our interactive videos, where you are going to learn all about phrases that we are using in our daily life. The third, you will learn how to pronounce words correctly because all of our professors are natives.  Go out there and talk!

Talk with your friends, family, chat with some guy or girl on Facebook, make some friends, read the forums (there are many people having the same problem as you are, YOU ARE NOT ALONE). You can learn it in a fun and easier way. The Speak Academy prepared many interesting games for our learners that will help them to learn vocabularies, a lot of quizzes (if you have a competitive spirit than, try to reach the highest score and share it on social networks). 


Find your motivation

You need to find a motivation that will help you to learn English. Tell us why do you want to learn English? Is it because of your job? You will get the promotion that you have always dreamed about or you will get another better job? Maybe you like to travel and your dream is to visit English-speaking countries, so get to work and start learning! Don’t hesitate, do it know!


Choose the topic that suits you the best


If you are a beginner and you don’t know any single word in English, then, our advice is to start from the beginning. Take an A-1 course and learn the basics of the English language. If you already have some knowledge of English and you need to learn English because of your job, don’t take some English course that is focused on tourism and vacation vocabulary. You need to choose what is good for you.


Test your level of knowledge


Some of the students don’t like tests because tests are making them feel nervous and uncomfortable but they are also necessary to test your level of knowledge. You should do the test and see what areas are more critical and on what material you should focus more on. Where to find the level placement test? At the Speak Academy of course! Before you start with your free online English course you should do the test and start the course that will be suitable for you.


The technology has changed


Many years ago, this way of learning English online was just a dream. We’ve been giving a lot of money for the private English courses, sitting in the full classroom with strangers. Some of the students were more active and persistent, and some of them were quiet and not so ambitious. That was a big problem for not so ambitious students because they felt very embarrassed, they didn’t increase their knowledge of English that much, so usually, learners like that quit their learning courses very quickly. Now it is different. Everything is easily accessible on the Internet, you don’t need to go anywhere, you can do it from your home, by yourself taking the self-study course and your learning time is not going to be limited.


 The English language is your future


Learn your English and try to improve your fluency! Knowing some other language will be a big plus in your resume and if you want to impress your boss, show him or her how good you are. That will open a lot of doors for you in the business world. You can change your job, get the promotion on the position that you always wanted, study abroad in some of the English-speaking countries, pass the interview. Change your future. Now you can do that! It is easy. The English courses started to be free and easily accessible.

Do not step backward, open your eyes and look right in front of you!  Reach your goals and try to make your own improvement with a self-study course here at the Speak Academy. We are giving you a lot of opportunities to increase your knowledge of the English language in the easiest way. The free high-quality material, a lot of audio and video lessons, tests, quizzes, games, final exam and the certificate. All of this and much more you can get at the Speak Academy. Don’t think too much and start your learning with us. We will help you with everything!

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Speak Academy is an online learning platform offering video courses taught by industry experts in language learning.

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