Learn English conversation

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Learn English conversation

There are many different ways to practice and Learn English conversation. One of them is taking the English course.  The English course can help you a lot to improve your communication skills. There are plenty of words and phrases that you can learn in the English course that will be very useful in your daily conversation. Start with phrases! If I were you I would…It’s too bad that… How much does it cost?

If you feel tired because you can’t understand native speakers, movies or your favorite TV shows, join us today at the Speak Academy and we will help you with your learning! Here are some tips from the Speak Academy in order to improve your fluency.


Daily English


Do you need a daily English conversation? There are plenty of video and audio lessons at the Speak Academy, that can help you to improve your conversation. The Daily English section is very important because here you can learn about everyday sentences that are regularly used. For e.g. How to introduce yourself, Greetings (Formal and Informal), feelings and emotions, food, traveling and so on. Use our lessons and it will help you understand and speak English easily.


Business conversation


You need English for your work or to prepare yourself for the job interview? Then choose the suitable topic and learn many useful idioms and business expressions that can help you. Business vocabulary is very difficult to learn. If you need English to get a promotion on your work or to pass an English interview and boost your confidence, then you should start to learn it with a suitable material. Listen to audio lessons, use business expressions and practice your conversation with your tutor.


Don’t focus on grammar too much


Maybe this is going to sound strange to you but focusing on grammar can really slow you down. If you think too much about the word order in a sentence, tenses and other grammar rules, you will not improve your conversation. You should learn how to speak naturally as kids do. They don’t follow the rules they are just listening and repeating, learning together vocabulary and phrases. You can do it, too! Don’t follow the rules and try to make a sentence like you would do it on your mother tongue. Relax. Release the tension and let your focus be on speaking. If you need English for passing the test or exam then you will need to learn the grammar rules.


You should try to avoid translating

If you are trying to make a sentence and you are translating the words from your mother tongue, you will find out that what you are trying to create is impossible, because the words will be incorrect. There is no dictionary that can translate it literally so, the sentence will sound unnatural and incorrect. The English language is an idiomatic language and we should not focus only on the meaning we should learn to understand its purpose, too!


Don’t focus only on the Listening and the repeating!


If you are focusing only on the listening and the repeating you will probably sound like a broken record. You should learn about phrases and vocabulary together. If you learn one phrase, it is going to be easier for you to make a sentence and to improve your fluency. It’s the same with babies. Babies first learn to speak, then, how to read and write. So, the conversation comes first than the rules.


Choose the right material

You should choose the material that is commonly used by most of the people. If you study from the material that is not suitable for you and you learn to speak more formal, that can be a big problem because you will not know how to use an everyday conversation.  You should start from the beginning and learn the basics of English.  Formal conversations are mostly used for business. If you are reading and studying only about politics you will not be able to start a regular conversation and you will be able to talk only about a particular topic. That kind of conversation is suitable for an advanced level. The smartest people are using the simplest words. Learn from them!


Change the language on your phone and computer


The most of our time we are spending using phones and computers. Why don’t you try to change the Operating language into English? That can improve your vocabulary. If you are just starting to learn English that will be a problem for you at the beginning but eventually you are going to handle it and you will learn many vocabularies. You should do it with the social networks, too! How many hours are you spending using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Switch your mother language into English and learn plenty of words.

Change your environment


You don’t need to go abroad to become a master in English conversation. Encircle yourself with English. You can try practicing conversation with your friends. Ask them about how they spend their days? You can do the same. Talk about favorite books, movies or places to visit. Tell your friends about your dreams and hobbies. Talking about sport and gym can be a very interesting context.  Make a conversation in English. You can learn it with interactive videos and practice your sentences. Also, you can do it with your tutor.

Get out there and speak English!


You are spending many hours in learning English and you still don’t know how to talk fluently? What do you think that fluently means? That means talking in English smoothly without stopping. To express your thoughts without a pause. Can you do that? Yes, you can! Get out there and talk with people! Practice your conversation! You will make a lot of mistakes, true, but you will also improve your fluency. If you just focus on reading English texts and books that will only improve your reading skills, listening to audio lessons will improve your listening skills and guess what? Speaking English will improve your speaking skills! Make your own daily conversation and practice! Imagine the situation that you are in a hotel and you need to talk to the receptionist and to tell him that you are having a reservation for a double room. Make your own dialogue and practice with your friend. We can call that a role play. One can be a receptionist and the other can be a guest of the hotel.  That is a useful exercise to increase your speaking skills.

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