How to learn Spanish speaking easily step by step

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How to learn Spanish speaking easily step by step

How many times have you thought about where I can learn Spanish step by step? Do you sometimes feeling embarrassed because you can’t communicate in Spanish? You can make some sentences but when you need to speak, nothing is coming from your mouth.  Well that’s why we exist. In this text we will explain you how can you improve your speaking at the Speak Academy step by step.


Online learning

Probably you are thinking why is better to learn Spanish online and not to take some private school for language purposes? Well, let’s talk about that. First of all, it will save your valuable time and your precious money. You can choose your own learning environment and you don’t need to drive anywhere and spend money for gas, just be that comfortable to do it from your lovely home. Sounds interesting?  If you are a busy mom or careerist this method of learning is much convenient for you.


Step by step


If your choice is to learn Spanish, then, we will just say BRAVO! Good choice! Spanish is very easy to learn as soon as you learn how to pronounce letters, you will be able to sound any word. So that is our first step. Learn the pronunciation!





When you are a second language learner it will be very difficult for you to pronounce the words as native speakers do.  E.g. letter a you don’t pronounce like in the English language as ay you pronounce it as ah. Like when you are using ah to express realization in the English language e.g. Ah, here it is! As soon as you learn how to pronounce all the letters like a native speaker as fast you will handle the Spanish language.


 Listening is important


While you are taking our Spanish-speaking course at the Speak Academy, you will need to listen our teacher. Listen how he or she is pronouncing words and repeat after teacher. Our videos are subtitled and you will be able to follow the teacher easily and to understand all the words. While you are listening some songs, first thing that you hear is the melody and when you play it many times you will be able to hear and to learn the lyrics, too! Listen and repeat until all the words that you are saying start to be apart of you. You need to learn how to understand them.


Reading can expand your vocabulary

learn Spanish step by step

When you are finished with your first step (alphabet) you will be able to learn your first words like babies do. At the beginning, it will be difficult to pronounce it well but when you repeat that word many times you will also be able to focus on pronunciation. Practice your reading and learn some new words. Expand your vocabulary. Read about Spanish culture, about flamenco, places that you should visit, their traditional food and clothes, history etc. Find some useful articles and start to read! At the Speak Academy we have prepared for you many interesting texts that you will love it. If there is some word that you don’t understand, we can help you. If you like to do everything on your own, then, in that case, our advice is to search an online dictionary and to try to translate the word. They are not 100% accurate but you can always google the word.

Spanish-speaking course at the Speak Academy


Our courses are very vivid and every single day that you learn with us it will be a real adventure for you. We have prepared many interesting materials and audio and video lessons. You have interesting exercises that can help you to learn how to pronounce the words easily. Also, when you feel tired of listening, you can take a break and play our interesting learning games that will help you to learn vocabulary, phrases and it can improve your writing skills like a typing speed test, where you need to type as many words as you can in only one minute.

Here you can learn many new words and you can improve your typing speed. If you want to be a secretary or you will work as a customer support the typing speed is crucial. You need to learn to type fast while you are speaking with a client. Either you need to improve your speaking for the job or you like to travel, the Speak Academy has many interesting topics. You choose the one that suits for you.

The Mirror practice

What is the mirror practice? The mirror practice is a method of learning how to communicate and not to feel shy or embarrassed because you will talk to yourself. Many actors have this kind of practice while they are learning their text, they are practicing their facial expressions in front of the mirror. You don’t need to practice your facial expressions but you can prepare yourself like you are preparing for some speech. Record yourself. Check your mistakes after and try to make a conversation like you are talking to someone.

learn Spanish step by step


Choose the topic that you like. You can try to introduce yourself. At the Speak Academy, you will learn many useful phrases that we are using in everyday conversation (how can introduce yourself) and you will learn how to form sentence. To form a sentence, you will need grammar. When you learn how to follow the rules you will be able to form a complete sentence without any help. First, learn how to pronounce the letters, then words and phrases and on the end the grammar rules. When you learn how to follow our rules you will started to speak Spanish in the shortest possible time. Every beginning is difficult so don’t give up, it will be hard at the beginning, but after two weeks of everyday practicing, you will learn how to pronounce and to use phrases. Be patient and don’t give up! Take our Spanish speaking course and we are assuring you that you will handle your Spanish in only three months.  It will be like piece of cake to you!






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