How to learn Spanish from home

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How to learn Spanish from home

With Speak Academy you don’t need to ask yourself How to learn Spanish from home!? It can be a very interesting method of learning. The technology allows us now to learn languages using the Online platform. You don’t need to leave your home and to travel 2 hours to go at some private Spanish school and to sit at the room full of strangers, you can choose to do it from your comfortable, cozy bed. But try not to be that lazy after all, you need to study not having a rest. One of many ways to study your Spanish Is to take the online Spanish course at the Speak Academy.

How to learn Spanish from home

Courses are very useful and they will provide you with the material that you will need for everyday communication. Our goal is to make you speak fluently without stopping in the shortest possible time.  Choose the level that is suitable for you and take our Spanish course. If you don’t know what that level is, you can take our level placement test that will help you to determine your level of knowledge.


Online learning


If this is your first time to meet with the online learning, you will enjoy it. This will be a great experience for you. Our courses at the Speak Academy are much vivid and interactive. We are using the material that will help you to improve your speaking in the shortest possible time. The best of all is that you can do it from every place that makes you feel comfortable. You can choose your own learning environment, that can be your house, office, favorite café or if you are a nature lover, then choose the best bench in the park and start to learn today. It is important to have a good internet connection, earphones, tablet, laptop or your smartphone. A lot of people are taking the online course.


If you are a busy parent, a business person, salesman or a waiter or you just like to travel, the online learning is a great solution for you. It will save your time, money and it will improve your knowledge of Spanish very quickly.


Listen, read and repeat

While you are taking our Spanish course, you will need to listen to our teacher. Repeat until you don’t pronounce it correctly. All our video lessons are subtitled and it will be easy for you to learn and to understand our teacher. Reading is very important, too. As soon as that you learn the Spanish alphabet and how to pronounce the letters, you will be able to learn how to read the words. Practice your reading with text that we have prepared for you and you can do more practice and search for some texts on the Internet. Find your favorite magazine and look up maybe there is the same one on the Spanish language. Read the forums.  On forums, you can find many people having the same difficulties as you are. You can talk to them or look up for the answer to a question that is already there.



How to learn Spanish from home


If you already have some knowledge in Spanish, and you want to increase it more or to refresh your memory doing things on your own, then you can always find a topic that is suitable for you on the Internet. E.g. if you are a traveler, you like to travel and you want to learn Spanish by yourself, search for the traveler vocabulary. You can subscribe on some YouTube channel or you can read many useful articles, newspapers, and others. If some word is not familiar to you and you don’t know its meaning try to use an online dictionary, they are not 100% reliable so, don’t try to translate the whole sentence it is better to type one by one word. Some of the dictionaries have the possibility to play the sound so you can also learn the pronunciation.


Learning games and exercises


The best way to expand your vocabulary and grammar knowledge is to use the online learning games. Play to learn! You can do it from your home, too. Learning games are very simple and they are made to improve your knowledge while you are taking a break from the all-day studying. You will easily trick your brain because this will be a real entertainment and you will not have the feeling that you are learning because the games are very playful and you will have a lot of fun. At the Speak Academy, we have many games and grammar exercises that will help you to refresh your memory or reveal your week spots of the grammar knowledge so you can easily improve it.



We will show you all possible tricks to learn the grammar rules quickly and to understand it better. Our focus is on tenses how to recognize it, to learn nouns (singular and plural), adjectives (how to describe things that you see). You will learn many new vocabularies with our Memory card game, quizzes, and tests. That’s why we are the best online learning platform for the language purposes. You will learn everything that you need to start a conversation in only three months. If you are persistent enough and you have a strong will to learn then you don’t need to worry about anything. You will have your material, audio and video lessons, texts, tests, games etc. We can’t t reveal you all but we assure you that you will be able to see your first results in less than two weeks.


Learning from home can be a real adventure


Learning from home can be a real adventure. The feeling that you have when you accomplish all your tasks on time is priceless. You are a grown-up person now you don’t need your mother telling you what you need to do or to ask you a question “Did you learn Spanish today?”. If your goal is to learn Spanish for your job then try to focus on vocabulary that will need for the job interview or related to a job that you are applying to. Do your best, practice every day and never give up. We will do our best to provide with the material that is suitable for you and your job is to have a good willpower to learn it.

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