How to learn Serbian from home

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How to learn Serbian from home

You wondering How to learn Serbian from home?! There are times when you feel too tired or burdened with stress from work, and learning the language at language schools or academies are often put aside. Sometimes you just can’t prepare yourself for scheduled classes or maintain your focus during that classes. People actually can’t even start learning the language thinking that they won’t have time for such an activity. Do you think you can do it? Of course, you can! All that matters is how will you organize your time.

Organizing your time is the key to many things in your life. You can do it at home, with flexible learning time at In the next few paragraphs, I will show you how you can make your free time at home, worth.


Figure out if you already know something in Serbian


The first thing that you should do, is to do a little researching about Serbian words, or maybe something more about the Serbian language if you have some basic knowledge about it. If this is the first time you have any contact with the Serbian language, I suggest you use your pen and write down basic nouns, phrases, numbers, and verbs in Present Simple.

In the second case, If you had some experience with the Serbian language, you should do some testing about your knowledge to determine your skills. By determining your Serbian language skills, you will be able to make plans for your learning and for your starting point, either your decision is to learn it by yourself or at


Write down your goals


Now that you know the level of your knowledge of Serbian, you need to set up the pace of learning and achieving the goals that you also need to set. Make a flexible timetable for learning, but stick to it.


Surround yourself with the Serbian language


Learning any language is far away from just reading some lessons or doing some exercises. The best way to get it in your head is to surround yourself with the Serbian language. In the next few lines, there will be some tips on this topic.


Listening to Serbian is actually one of the first things you should do. It can help you to notice and catch some words or phrases. Try listening to some Serbian radio station, watch some Serbian movie or just play Serbian songs on the Internet. The main reason for learning any language fast is because you listen to it often. You probably heard stories when people move to a new country and learn the language for simple, everyday conversation, in a few weeks. It is because you are surrounded by it and you hear it at every corner.


Reading the articles on Serbian. You only need to know some very simple rules about pronunciation. The main rule about the Serbian language is that its letters are written and pronounced in exactly the same way. So, anything you write is like you say it. Try to read newspaper articles, online news or some blogs on the topics that you are interested in. It is really difficult to read if you have absolutely no knowledge of Serbian, but you can associate some words with your native language or the notes you took earlier.


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