How to learn Russian at home

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How to learn Russian at home

You may wondering How to learn Russian at home? Learning languages can enrich your life. It will never be a waste of time you can use it for your career or for personal development. Sometimes we think that we don’t need other languages except for English which is the international language and you can speak it in all parts of the world. There is a common interest for other languages, too. (Russian, Italian, Spanish…) A lot of trading companies are losing their business opportunities because of their lack of language skills. In nowadays, when technology has increased we can learn any language that we want without leaving our home. There are a lot of online learning language platforms and one of them is the Speak Academy. You will increase your knowledge with us in less than 3 months.


Learning at home

How to learn Russian at home

A long time ago when we didn’t use the Internet as much as we do now, we couldn’t imagine studying anything from our home. We’ve been giving a lot of money for some private language course and we’ve been traveling for hours to sit in some classroom with other students that were strangers to us.  Usually, those private schools were using outdated books and some of them even didn’t have computers.

Now it’s different. You can learn The Russian language from your home, and to easily access to Russian course. Sign up today and you will not be regretted. Our learning method is unique and our focus is to improve your fluency in less than 3 months. The material that we are using is carefully chosen by professionals and all our teachers are having many years of experience in teaching. We are using audio and video lessons and they are subtitled so you can follow them without any problem. Learning at home is a good method of learning for people who are busy with their career or parenting or if you are leaving in some crowded big city like Beijing or Istanbul where you need to be stuck in traffic at least 4 hours until you go to the private school and come back to your home.


Take the Self-study course

How to learn Russian at home

The self-study course allows you to make your own learning schedule. Whenever you have time for learning you can take it and the best of all you can continue from the same lesson when did you stop the last time. It is important to make yourself comfortable but don’t be too comfortable (laying on the bed) after all you need to learn not to sleep. Choose yourself a comfortable chair, big desk, and light up your room.  The context of our self-study course is compiled of audio and video lessons, tests, grammar and pronunciation exercises and games. Sometimes you will need a break from all that studying and again you will still learning but you will trick your brain while you are playing our learning games because you will have a lot of fun and you will not have the feeling that you are still learning.


Read, Listen and repeat

How to learn Russian at home

Reading is very important to expand your vocabulary. If reading is not an easy part of learning for you our advice is to first learn how to pronounce every Russian letter correctly and then to start practicing your reading. Reading poetry can help you. Practice reading some poem e.g.


Села кошка на такси.

Заплатила сто рублей

И поехала в музей.

А котёнок прицепился

И бесплатно прокатился!”



The cat took a taxi,

She paid a hundred rubles

And went to the museum,

the kitten clung on

and rode for free!”


The children poetry is easily readable and you can find them on the Internet. Read as many times as you need until you don’t do it perfectly.


Grammar rules


If you are a beginner, it is better for you to put behind the grammar for a while. The Russian grammar is very hard to learn and if you are too focused on rules you will not be able to speak it well. Our advice is to start with vocabulary and phrases. When you learn the Russian alphabet, which is on the Cyrillic you will learn the vocabulary and how to pronounce the words correctly. Repeat after our teacher and play the video as many times as you need it.

When you start to understand the Russian language, you will start to learn the grammar which is crucial because without grammar you will not be able to form a complete sentence and to know the correct word order. If you don’t know anything, don’t torturing yourself with grammar rules because you will not be able to understand them. Follow our teachers and our learning steps at the Speak Academy. They know what they are doing and why do you start with a vocabulary and phrases and not with the Russian grammar.


Goals and motivation

How to learn Russian at home

You should set your goals and define yourself on what level you want to achieve, Also, it is important to clear your mind and to find yourself a good motivation. Why do you learn Russian? If you are a traveler and you are in some Russian restaurant and ordering food than, you will need to know all the vocabulary for travelers (how to order a food, how to read the menu, how to ask for a direction etc.).  It is very important to decide would you like to take a self-study course or you will need tutoring help.

Anyway, if you choose our self-study course at the Speak academy we are open for all your questions and discussions. Send us an email and we will answer you in the shortest possible time. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, everybody does. It is important to learn something from your mistakes. Reach your goals, find your motivation (the reason why do you learn your language) and make your learning environment. If you are persistent and practice every day you will be able to see your first results in a few weeks. Good luck! We are waiting for you!


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