How to learn English online

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How to learn English online

You may be wondering How to learn English online? Whether you are a student, a careerist or a tourist, if you have a strong will to become an expert in the English language, but you don’t have time to spend it in a classroom (which is completely understandable), you can learn it online with the Speak Academy. We will give you 8 tips on how to learn English online.

You can try with movies and audiobooks


We can say that one of the easiest ways of learning the English language is watching movies and TV shows. Another way is listening to audiobooks. There a lot of audiobooks that you can find online and do listening and repeating. This is a good way to practice your pronunciation. You can listen to your audio lessons while you are traveling by plane, by car or when you are using public transportation. You will forget how many minutes, hours you need to spend on the bus traveling to your home and, you will do something very useful, and time will go by very fast!


Taking courses


You can learn your English easily by attending some of our English courses at the Speak Academy. The website is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced English language learners to study from the carefully chosen videos and material, interactive tests, photo vocabulary and many other useful tips that can improve your lack of knowledge. We are even providing plenty of videos (more than 18 000 seconds of interactive video lessons with detailed explanations and subtitles) that can help you to improve your pronunciation.

Our courses at the Speak Academy are tailored to the level of your previous knowledge and according to your own ambitions. Take your chances! Use the opportunity to use our level placement test that will determine the level of your knowledge, and after that, you will be given a course that best suits your level.


Do it from everywhere!


One of the advantages of online learning is that you can do it from any place you want. It can be a coffee shop that you like, your college, university or your warmly home. It’s up to you! Choose your own learning space and make it comfortable.  That’s why the online learning method is much more convenient for learning.


Games and Quizzes can help you


You can learn English while you are having fun and playing games. On our website, you can find many puzzles and memory games, useful tests and quizzes that will help you to practice, learn and improve your vocabulary. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But, is it possible to increase your knowledge while you are playing games? The answer is: YES, IT IS! Play, have fun, and of course, learn with us! You will be surprised how fast you can improve your spoken English!


Listen, read and Learn!


What is the most important thing about learning English online? We should learn how to listen, and how to follow the rules of the English grammar…  Listen to our tutors, repeat after them, learn how to read and to understand the texts that you are reading. Reading English is not that easy, the words can be very difficult and not understandable. The Speak Academy will give you many useful materials to learn how to read English. Pay attention to vowels (AEIOU). Vowels are very important in the English language and sometimes, when they are together they can sound differently e.g. vowels “OA” together read as “OU” (goat, boat, coat…) You can also practice your reading with poems e.g. “Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet, but not as sweet as you.” The rhymes are easily readable. Try to read as many texts and poems as you can.


 The Grammar


English grammar is very difficult. When you learn how to follow the rules, it’s going to be easier to understand it and to use it in your daily life. Here at the Speak Academy, we have many useful materials that will help you to learn the English grammar in the shortest time. You will have a lot of grammar exercises and you can repeat them as many times as you need. You will learn how to identify a subject, an object, and a verb and how to recognize the tenses (if that sentence is in the past, present or in the future tense).

 The more you practice, the better you will be!

Practicing is very important. We should practice English every day and make efforts if we want to be masters in English.  We know it is going to be very difficult for you at the beginning, but life is difficult, too. It is important to be persistent, to reach your goals, follow your dreams and never give up. Practice your English with your colleagues, your friends and your tutor. The more you practice, the better you will be!


Follow our steps!


Online learning is the best way to learn English.  This method of learning will not only increase your knowledge of the English language, it will also improve your digital skills, which are going to be very useful for your current or your future job.  It’s going to save your valuable time and it will make your learning much easier with a program that the Speak Academy prepared for you.

Follow our steps and we can promise that you will increase your knowledge in the shortest time. We explained how you can learn English online on our easily accessible website at the You will need only a few minutes to register on our website and to start. Just type your email and your password. It can’t be easier than that!  Follow your goals and become a master in English! One day you can wake up and say to yourself: “I made my dream come true! I can speak English”!

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