How to Learn English Fast

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How to Learn English Fast

Do you think it’s possible to learn English fast? You can do it in only two or three months. Is it possible? Yes, it is! How? You will need a lot of practice, good will and a lot of efforts to learn it. When I say a lot of efforts, I really mean it! You will need 20 hours of practice weekly, at least. That can be very hard if you are a busy parent, a hardworking person or a business person. But, where there’s a problem, there is a solution!


Thankfully, technology has evolved and English courses are easily accessible now. You can do everything on the Internet. When you have a break from your work, you can listen to some useful English lessons.  While you are traveling by bus, train or plane you will just need earphones, smartphone or an iPad and you can start to listen and to follow English lessons.


Read everything that can help you


Newspapers, blogs, books, magazines, poems, everything can help you to improve your English. Here you can see a lot of juicy new words, as well as the number of words you are already familiar with. Reading is very important, so don’t be lazy and get to work! But we can’t do reading only. We also need to take some notes!


Taking notes


You can write down every word that you’ve learned today. Define your words and make a sentence. Try it! You will see how fast you will memorize them. You will also have a lot of examples on how to make a sentence in English. If you don’t understand a word you can always use some help and try to translate it and define it with a dictionary.  The dictionary will show you how to use that word in a sentence and it will give you a lot of synonyms for the same word. Write them down and try it yourself!


Listening and Watching video lessons


A lot of English courses offers you plenty of video lessons that can help you to learn English fast. Some of them are subtitled and if you are a Basic student, this feature can help you a lot. In this way, we can improve our communication skills and pronunciation. Your tutor will repeat a sentence many times and explain to you how to pronounce it correctly. Here you need to listen and to repeat after your tutor. The best of everything is that you can play it as many times as you need. If you don’t understand something you can always ask for help.


Talking with real people and interactive videos


Why do we use language if not for communication? We all know that talking with real people is the best way to practice your English. You can practice with your friends, family or with your tutor. You can even meet people on the Internet and strike a conversation with them on Skype. Also, there are a lot of interactive videos on English courses that can be very useful. If you don’t know people who’s English level is native or almost native, you can do it by yourself on the Internet with interactive videos.

Learning with movies and cartoons


Cartoons and movies can help you a lot with your vocabulary in English. Also, it is a very interesting way to learn it. You can add an English subtitle and test your reading skills. Good concentration, relaxing movie and, good words. You can enjoy it while you are learning and expanding your vocabulary. Everything is different now and much more accessible.


Questions can help


Asking questions are very useful. The curiosity may have killed the cat but it has also increased the language learner’s fluency. Ask as many questions as you can! Here, we don’t have space for being shy and feeling embarrassed, you need to learn and you need to learn it the right way! You can ask questions on some websites, forums, blogs, ask other learners or your tutor. Don’t be afraid to do that! You are not alone!


Travel abroad


We all like to travel. You can plan some vacation or your weekend trip in some of the English-speaking countries. You can test your knowledge and learn how to use a hotel vocabulary. Also, it is a good way to practice your pronunciation. While you are talking to native speakers, listen carefully. You can learn a lot from them. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Make friends and have fun!  Also, the good way to learn your English is to choose some studying program and enroll on a College or University in English-speaking countries. Australia, New Zeeland, US or Canada. Think wisely! Choose the best option for yourself and for your children! English is a global language and you can communicate with people from all parts of the world.


Choose the subject that you really need


If you need English for your job then focus on a vocabulary that will be useful to you. Do the research.  Read articles about business topics. If you are a student and you are planning to continue your studies abroad then focus on a vocabulary related to your studies. You like to travel? Then choose the context that will help you to learn a vocabulary that you need for tourism.


Never give up!


When you are down, and you are thinking like “I can’t learn English” and “This is so hard” don’t give up. Stay positive! There a lot of people there, having the same problem as you are. Talk to them. Read the forums. It is important to keep your head above the water! Don’t say that speaking English is impossible for you! Instead, you can say that you are feeling proud because you are learning it every day! You were on the beginning and now you made a big improvement. No one will say that is easy, but life is not easy, too! And you are living it! Keep holding on to your positive thoughts and NEVER GIVE UP!


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