English speaking courses

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English speaking courses

The English speaking course can help you to be more fluent talking in English. A lot of people have difficulties to express themselves in a foreign language (the second language). If you want to improve your speaking skills and to say what you think without stopping, then, take the English-speaking course at the Speak Academy.

We will give you some useful tips on how can you improve your speaking.

English speaking course (Basic)

If this is your first time you meet the English language then, you should start from the beginning. Is better for you to start with phrases instead of memorizing the words. When you learn the phrases, you will be able to form a sentence and have a basic conversation in English. We will give you some examples of phrases that you will have in our English-speaking course at the Speak Academy.

How to say thank you!


Thank you so much for your help!

– you are so kind!

– for buying me this lovely dress.!

– for everything!


It is always important to be polite, kind and cultural. The best way to get someone attention is to say: “Excuse me”.

Excuse me, madam can you tell me where is the post office?

Excuse me, sir you dropped your wallet.


Usually, we should ask people to say their opinion and to show the interest in a conversation.

What do you think about this book?

What do you think about the movie?


Our Speaking course contains 52 lessons which are specialized for the beginners. You will learn many useful phrases, vocabulary, basic grammar that can help you to increase your knowledge of the English language.


Regular English speaking-course


After you finish the beginner’s level you should star with our regular English-speaking course. Learn how to speak fluently using our audio and video lessons and listen to our native English tutors. Pay attention to the pronunciation and on phrases. When you start to learn English conversation, you will need to be familiar with the grammar. This course is going to improve your grammar and your speaking skills. Follow our teachers and write down all the things that you’ve learned.


Are you ready to move on the upper level?


If you like to travel and you want to visit one of the English-speaking countries you should be familiar with a basics of traveling vocabulary. The Speak Academy will give you useful material that will help you to learn about vocabulary and basic sentences that you can use in the English-speaking countries. This is an intermediate course and the words and phrases are difficult from the basic English course. Don’t worry, all the videos at the Speak Academy are subtitled, and it is going to be easier for you to follow and to understand our tutors.


Business English course


You want to improve your English speaking for your work, then, you will need English for business purposes. However, if you are not familiar with the English language at all, our advice is to start from the beginning. First, you should learn basics in English, then, regularly-speaking course, and afterward, you should choose the suitable topic. You can’t start with business communication if you don’t know the everyday vocabulary.  You will learn many Business expressions and idioms that will help you to get a promotion, or to get a better job.


Prepare yourself for the interview


This is a more advanced level course. You want to learn how to answer on the interview questions then follow our tips. Interview make us very nervous and it is hard to answer them on your mother tongue and you can imagine how that can be difficult to do in the second language. You will need to be very patient and persistent to learn this vocabulary and to learn how to impress the interviewer. This is a difficult task, so you will need to follow the rules and to learn the material, expressions, and idioms that will impress the taskmaster. You need to be relaxed, patient and to learn all the tricks that you need to pass the interview. After all, your future depends on it! Be impressive, be calm and show what you learned!




When you finish your English-speaking course at the Speak Academy, you will have the final exam. That will test all the knowledge that you gained, and if you pass, you will get the certificate that is widely accepted around the world. This certificate is a proof that you have passed your test and that you are having the particular level of the English language.

A-Basic speaker

A1-Beginner Level-Basic speaker

A2- Elementary knowledge


B-Independent speaker




C-Proficiency in Speaking

C1-Advanced level of speaking

C2-Master of proficiency


There are many different English certificates such as TOEFL, TEFL, IELTS, and others. If you are a student and you are planning to study abroad in some of the English-speaking countries, some universities are going to require the IELTS certificate. IELTS is not only for universities it’s widely recognized and is also accepted as language proof for working permits.

If you your level of knowledge is C2 (Master of proficiency) and you want to teach English, you will need to pass the TEFL. Here at the Speak Academy, you can learn a lot of things that will help you to pass the required test.  And If you want to be a master of the English language you should take our advanced level of the English-speaking course and then, when you have all the knowledge that you need and the proof that is confirming the level of the same, you can prepare yourself for TEFL.

Maybe that is your future call! TEFL is accepted in more than 50 countries and you will have a lot of opportunities. You are going to find your job easier and a lot of doors will be open for you. Maybe you will teach abroad, or you will choose to stay in your country. It depends on you! Believe in yourself and chase your dreams! Everything is possible!


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