Intensive Serbian Language Course


Learn Serbian language

Learn Serbian language, testimony, writing, grammar through the online Serbian course.

Whether you are young or old, you will learn Serbian from beginner to advanced.

Very easy with professors through video lessons and interactive testing.

Online education may offer flexible teaching times.

We offer you:

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  • video
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Why Serbian?

Serbian language originated in the 12th century, Serbian is the official language of Serbia, however peoples from foreign countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro can still be well acquainted with the Serbs because of the similarity of the language.

Although Serbian is spoken only in Serbia, the knowledge of the Serbian language and Cyrillic language encourages easier learning of historical and Slovene languages.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.


You can translate any Youtube video lesson to the language as you wish as you see it on the picture below


If you want to learn Serbian and use it correctly , we offer you the perfect tactic of fast, easy and efficient language learning on an interactive platform. Serbian lessons are designed to give you a very interesting and extremely easy learning, whether you are a beginner or your knowledge is less advanced.

The Serbian language has 15 lessons and 11 tests and contains a large number of minor tests that through each lesson offer you the opportunity to learn and memorize so far learned content.

Each lesson individually contains video that you can translate into your desired language and through it together with a professor of Serbian learn the acquired knowledge, also contains a few less checking of knowledge through interesting games.

The Serbian language has a duration of 90-120 days, if you do not get the perfect knowledge of each lesson, contact an admin who will give you an instruction on how to start your course from scratch and give you another 2 months of time.

At the end of the full-time course you get the opportunity to take a final quiz of 20 questions, if you answer precisely at more than 75%, you will receive a Serbian language certificate that you can save, print or order an original diploma at home address.

Any additional question about the Serbian language course you can ask on our contact page and you will receive a direct response from the administrator, or ask a question in the forum that is on your profile.


Learn Serbian fast, easy and fun on the Speak Academy platform.


Course Curriculum

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